Chancellor, Dr Fr George Edayadiyil Motivates CHRIST Fraternity To Carry Forward The Legacy

14th November 2019 will be etched in the history of Lavasa as Dr Fr George Edayadiyil, Rector and Chancellor, CHRIST University, Bangalore visited CHRIST, Lavasa.  Director & Dean, Dr Fr Jossy P George welcomed him warmly in the presence of CHRIST fraternity. Fr Jossy articulated that vision without action is just a dream but a vision with action can change the world. He introduced Dr Fr George Edayadiyil as a visionary who is well versed with Lavasa campus. The Chancellor is aware of the latest developments and has encouraged Fr Jossy consistently and constantly. The progress of the campus is Dr Fr George’s major concern and has dreams to see Lavasa reach the pinnacle of success. His unflinching support combined with the leadership skills of Fr Jossy can make his dream come true.
Dr Fr George Edayadiyil, CMI, DTh, began his education at St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome, Italy. He did MA in Sociology from Mahatma Gandhi University and MSc in Mathematics from Kerala University, Th…

Guest Lecture On The Importance Of Soft Skills

A guest lecture was organized on 13th November 2109 at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa by Ms Sinthuja Martin about the importance of soft skills and a short training session on soft skills was also conducted for BBA and B Com students.
Ms Sinthuja Martin isa freelance Image Consultant and Trainer. A certified image consultant and soft skills trainer from the school of Image Consulting Business Institute, Chennai. She also undertook training under an international course curriculum from Conselle Institute of Image Consulting, Ohio, USA. Herexpertise lies in the field of designing and delivering communication, image and soft skills programs. The training methodology is tailored to suit different needs and levels to ensure that learning happens in a stimulating and fun filled environment.
Ms Sinthuja’s session on soft skills was tailor made for students and she had the ability to improve their confidence and look credible, by creating a winning image. Her sole aim was to design a …

Book Review And Research Work Presentation By National School Of Leadership And CHRIST Scholars at CHRIST, Lavasa

A Book Review Contest was held for first year mentees of MBA on 11th November 2019 at CHRIST, (Deemed to be University), Lavasa, Central Block. Selected students presented their book review and were assessed by a panel of esteemed judges. Mr Yogesh Joshi, Mr Hrishikesh Joshi and Mr.  Sumedh Gupte represented the jury for the book review. 
Mr Yogesh Joshi is an accomplished journalist for over 16 years with proven track record of flawless writing, editing, generating new ideas and turning them into stories that make a difference. Mr Yogesh has extensively reported on politics, economics, development, human rights, crime, and security issues through print and digital media. A data-driven scribe, Yogesh is a journalist with proven integrity towards professional and organizational ethics. He was part of the team that successfully launched Hindustan Times Pune Edition. He spearheaded interviews of prominent politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists over the years.

Mr Hrishikesh Joshi is a m…

Bhasha Utsav And Ethnic Day 2019 Celebrated At CHRIST, Lavasa

“Bhasha Utsav and Ethnic Day 2019” were celebrated at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa amidst cheer and applause and in its true spirit on Saturday, 9th November 2019. The stage was set and the students displayed an array of tradition and showcased their diverse ethnicities through their costumes. One could feel that diversity of India was aptly represented in the entire campus. CHRIST, Lavasa is a perfect representation of such an amalgamation because students hail from all over India. The students from different regions to study and work in close coordination with each other and such events highlight unity in diversity. The ethnic diversity adds an element of richness to our society and it also teaches students to be tolerant and appreciative of another person’s culture. `Ethnic Day’ is a much sought after event as the students eagerly look forward to display their distinct culture and tradition and celebrate our legacy. It was a celebration of various cultures,…


A guest lecture was organized on "Application of analytics in various fields and the job opportunities in analytics" on 18th October 2019 in the Auditorium, Central Block, CHRIST, Lavasa by Mr. Shashank Lalwani for BCOM (FINANCIAL ANALYTICS) and BBA(BUSINESS ANALYTICS) students.
Mr Shashank Lalwani is an IIM-CALCUTTA graduate with vast expertise in operations, business analytics and customer experience with PMP,ITIL,Analytics and various products and service certifications. He is a Professional in Consumer Service industry improving Customer experience and delivery with Customer Centric roles. He is also the head of SQUAT fitness Ltd.Data science, Business and Data analytics entice him as playing around large amount of data and building strategies based out of it, Building models for efficient outcomes, making Data driven and experienced based business decisions taking the complete ownership of it give him a feeling of entrepreneurship and makes him committed towards his work…

Insightful Talk On Challenges Of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Ramarao Kalapure, the Founder of Eco Village, Lavasa, was present on CIML campus yesterday, 14th October 2019 to address students of PGDM batch on the challenges of entrepreneurship. Mr. Ramarao is an embodiment of courage and perseverance and his real life story is a living example of the same. He has been an ardent admirer of nature and left his plush job in the corporate sector to start Eco Village, which offers a getaway for those who are enchanted by nature.

Elucidating his individual narratives, Mr. Kalapure spoke about the challenges he faced initially when he decided to set up the Eco Village. He had no resources, his friends had no faith in his idea of a nature resort and they did not comply with his wishes. He was wary of going for a bank loan as he was unsure about repaying the monthly loan instalments. He was however relentless and with an indomitable will he decided to ahead with his dream project. His innate confidence and conviction that the sprawling natural beauty …

Guest Lecture On Probability

Dr. Azarudheen S from Department of Statistics, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru gave a lecture on 12th October 2019 on probability, its distribution and real-life applications. It was attended by BBA students in the Central Block, CHRIST, Lavasa. At the outset Dr. Azarudheen explained various types of analytics in great detail. He was mindful enough to keep the concept simple so that it was clearly understood by young BBA students. Next he moved on to throw light upon the usage of probability in business world. The concept was quite interesting as it catered to the present day trend in the volatile world of business. 
Dr. Azarudheen also elucidated various segments of probability namely, descriptive analysis, diagnosis analysis, directive analysis, etc. The information was received well by the students, who listened to him in rapt attention. The erudite description has piqued the students’ interest towards the concept of probability and they could be seen engrossed in liste…