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Highlights of the International Symposium on Current Trends in Research and Innovation (ISCTRI’20)

International Symposium on Current Trends in Research and Innovation (ISCTRI’20) International Symposium on Current Trends in Research and Innovation (ISCTRI’20) was organized by the Department of Computer Science, Christ (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa campus on technical association with Computer Society of India (CSI) on 25 th July 2020. The event was open to the public and 296 participants attended the event. The symposium focused on topics related to recent trends in research as well as innovation related to data and analytics. Guest speakers included Dr. Pradeep Rathi, Vice President, Maharashtra and Goa Region, CSI and Dr. Guydeuk Yeon, Director of Innovation Centre, Christ University, Bangalore along with 3 resource speakers. The event officially commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Samiksha Shukla, HOD, Dept of Data Science, Christ (Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa campus followed by the inaugural address by Dr.Fr. Arun Anthony (Academic Coordinator, Christ La

Guest lecture on ‘Stand-up Comedy for Stress Reduction and Dynamics of Communication’ By Mr. Vinod Prabhu

A guest lecture on ‘Stand-up Comedy for Stress Reduction and Dynamics of Communication’ was organized by the Department of Commerce and Management on 28th July, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm for the 1 st year UG, B.Com and BBA students through Cisco WebEx platform. The series speaker for the session was Mr. Vinod Prabhu, Managing Director of Seventh Sense Talent Solution and Alumni of IIM Bangalore. Dr. Guru Aradhya, faculty of the department introduced the speaker and the topic of the lecture to the students. In his lecture, Mr. Vinod discussed how Stand-up Comedy is beneficial to the students and it reduces the stress caused in their daily lives. He also entertained the students with some comedy and anecdotes based on his own personal experiences. The latter half of the lecture dealt with the objectives and importance of communication i.e stronger decision making and persuasion. He went on to explain the concept of communicational skills and how much it proves to be a boon in the life of

Christ University Lavasa Model United Nations '20

An MUN is a stimulating environment created for students to Model the happenings of the United Nations. This stimulation is created by replicating countries and their committees. Christ(Deemed to be University) Lavasa strives to create a holistic environment to nurture a student’s growth so CULMUN20 was yet another stepping stone in that path. Christ University Lavasa Model United Nations was a 2 day conference that challenged the participating delegates in vast areas of the workings of the world. Given the current time, the planned physical event was shifted to virtual reality. The participating delegates came from every state of India and making the conference a national level conference! Day 1 The first day saw a multitude of debates, ice breaking sessions and it all began with the Opening Ceremony. During the ceremony, our Director and Dean , Fr. Jossy George spoke about how integral events like these are for a student’s growth and development. The ceremony was conclu

Guest Lecture on ‘Importance of Innovation in Career’ By Dr. Pavan Soni

The Department of Commerce and Management organised a guest lecture on ‘Importance of Innovation in Career’ by Dr. Pavan Soni, an Innovation Evangelist and the founder of Inflexion Point, Bengaluru hosted on July 25th, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm via online Cisco WebEx Meeting platform. The Guest talk was attended by faculty members and first year UG B. Com and BBA students. The Lecture focussed on varied topics on how a student can look into his career from an Innovative point of view, skills required for a student and some career advice in the present-day scenario. The presentation was very informative as the students could comprehend the concept of Innovation and Creativity where Innovation he defined as the commercialization of new ideas. The students further gained knowledge to avail the opportunity and capability for Innovation.   All the topics discussed were very enriching and kept the students engrossed in learning different types of skills like curiosity, observation and experi

Workshop on Trial Advocacy, Art of Cross examination & Mooting skills

The School of Law, CHRIST Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa campus organized a 3 day workshop on Trial Advocacy, Art of Cross Examination and Mooting skills by Advocate Ameya Kadkade, a young  lawyer from Mumbai specializing in criminal matters. The interactive session was conducted on Criminal Procedures. Adv. Ameya introduced to the students the concept of criminal jurisprudence and the Criminal Procedure Code. With case studies and examples, Adv. Ameya made the introduction to criminal law very lucid and interesting.    JThe session was on Art of Cross Examination and the nuances involved in leading a cross examination procedure. The session was on Role of Eye witness and Mooting skills.  Adv. Ameya who was an avid mooter during his college days and having won a number of Moot competitions, explained to the students importance of Moot courts and introduced to them some of the techniques to create good arguments supported by law as well as reasoning. Adv. Ameya’s talks were very l

MIT World Peace

 MIT World Peace University had invited Ms Arpita Ghosh, the councilor of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus as a guest speaker to address their new batch of students on Mental health well-being during the pandemic. An hour-long talk where she spoke about what mental health well-being is all about, how we can take care of it, understanding the difference between dopamine, adrenalin rush, oxytocin, how stress affects us physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Students, educators, and parents have faced several problems as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who are already struggling with mental health issues have been susceptible to the changes. There has been a wide range of effects on children due to school closures, physical distancing restrictions and isolation, and other unanticipated life changes. Finally, the session was concluded with how we can deal with mental health in these adverse times. Working to help students, whether they are learning remotely

Guest Lecture on “ Business Growth Post Covid-19: Issues and Challenges”

The Department of Commerce and Management held a guest lecture on the topic "Business Growth Post Covid-19: Issues and Challenges" by Dr. Ankit Katrodia, who is a faculty member of Economics and Management Science from North West University, South Africa on 21st July,2020 from 2 to 4pm through Cisco Webex Video Conferencing. Dr. Katrodia informed us how all business are affected by COVID-19 and that there is a change taking place in the business cycle. The business cycle consists of HR, Marketing, IT and Finance, Finance being the blood that runs the business. Dr. Ankit addressed the impact of COVID on business organisations, emphasizing on the lockdown measures and other restrictions leading to new and unique challenges. Moreover, he informed that businesses will have to get used to a new normal, the new normal being digitalisation. In order for a business to be successful post-COVID, new strategies need to be followed. One of the major strategies being responding to change

Symposium on PoSH, Diversity in Inclusivity, Subconscious & Unconscious Bias

The School of Law, CHRIST Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa Campus organized a symposium on the topic the Prevention of sexual Harassment, Inclusivity in Diversity and Unconscious and Subconscious Bias. The symposium saw Mr. Antony Alex, CEO of the Rainmaker and Ms. Deepa Shanker, Founder of Authempic Consulting, a Mumbai-based firm working with organizations in building inclusive workplaces. Mr. Antony Alex spoke elaborately on the laws that deal with sexual harassment and violence against women in work places as well as universities. He gave examples of different situations where harassment is possible and cited a good number of cases decided by the Courts to safeguard women and their rights. Ms. Deepa Shankar spoke about the Gender bias and how to identify them. She spoke about the inclusivity of diversity in educational campuses and about the biases that take place at both unconscious and subconscious levels. She explained different methods to identify these biases and how to ov

Address by Hon’ble Justice Shri. Ujjal Bhuyan, Hon’ble Judge at the High Court of Bombay

Hon’ble Justice Shri Ujjal Bhuyan, Hon’ble Judge at the High Court of Bombay was the Guest Speaker at School off Law, CHRIST Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa Campus. Hon’ble Lordship was speaking to the students and faculty members of the School of Law through WebEx. The Lordship spend about one and half hours with our students from 11.30 am onwards. The Lordship elaborated on the profession of law and legal process in India. The Lordship spoke at length the Constitutional law, its origin and practice with some live examples on how the Courts have approached those cases dealing with rights of the citizens. The Lordship evinced the interests of young students in the ethical practice of the profession especially when the number of pending cases in the Courts have reached to an all-time high. The Lordship also interacted with the students and gave answers to their questions very convincingly. It was indeed a great occasion for our fresh batch of students to listen to the Lordship who

Webinar on Media and Information Literacy

Students of the School of Law, CHRIST Deemed to be University attended a webinar on Media and Information Literacy organized by the United States Consulate General Mumbai. Mr. Prasanna Joshi from the ABP news and a Digital Evangelist and Mr. Yogesh Joshi, Bureau Chief of the Hindustan Times spoke to the students regarding fake news and how to identify them. They also elaborated on the legal aspects of using fake news in the Social media explained the legal implications of such seemingly harmless acts such as forwarding messages on the whatsapp and liking a page on the Facebook and twitter. Mr. Prasanna Joshi explained details the Information Technology (Amendment) Act of 2008 and also explained the different sections that social media users should know. It was a very informative talk and the students could clarify some of their queries regarding the usage of social media.

World Day for International Justice 2020 Celebration

The School of Law, CHRIST Deemed to be University, Pune Lavasa campus celebrated the World Day for International Justice 2020. The day is also known as International Criminal Justice Day or International Justice Day. It is an important day for all those who believes in the values of Human Rights as it unites all those who wish to support justice, promote the rights of the victims, and also help in preventing crime that threatens the peace, security, and well-being of the world. The celebration was marked by a talk presented by Dr. Sunil John, Associate Professor at the School of Law. Dr. Sunil John highlighted the importance of Human Rights and the prevention of all forms of crime against the humanity. He elaborated the making of the Rome Statute 1998 and the creation of the International Criminal Court in 2000. The ICC is located at The Hague and is the first permanent and independent international judicial institution that is capable of trying individuals accused of the most serious

EXPERT TALK – “Digitalization of Trade and Fintech” Webinar session by CEO of Invoice Bazar Mr Anand Nagaraj.

Glimpse from the Panelist of the webinar session A webinar session on “ Digitalization of Trade and Fintech” was organised by the Department of Management Studies of Christ ( Deemed to be University) ,Lavasa – The Hub of Analytics. Mr Anand Nagaraj, Co-Founder and CEO of Invoice Bazar,  a Supply Chain Finance Fintech operating mainly in the Middle East was the chief guest for the session. Dr Fr Jossy P George addressed the session, he spoke about the importance Christ Lavasa gives to academic and industry connect to truly understand the corporate world. He also mentioned about the importance of Fintech in the industry and the need to develop our skills to excel in career. Mr Anand Nagaraj,  is a management graduate from IIM Kozhikode and has  completed a Fintech Certification Programme from  MIT. Mr. Anand cofounded Invoice Bazaar after spending almost a decade with Citibank where he was  Senior Vice President and headed the Middle East Commercial Banking business from product perspect


The home grown automotive manufacturer from the Tata stable has  been the favorite stock of those who followed Sell on Rise strategy. The southward movement in prices got arrested near 60 levels and ever since the stock has been making an effort to capture the lost ground. The recent price movement suggest a consolidation with an upward bias. One can see a triangle formation in the daily chart. If the price breaks above the triangle ( marked as Long Entry Price Point in chart) the stock can attempt the price targets mentioned in the chart. The stop loss levels for this trade set up is also mentioned in the chart. The overall improvement in product profile on account of introduction of new brands could also aid this price movement from a fundamental point of view. Note: The first version of this analysis appeared in the educational blog of Center for Research in Asset Markets and Economy (CRAME), Christ (Deemed to be University) Lavasa DISCLAIMER The content provided in CRAME blog is fo

Expert Talk Session by Ms Sumathi Sampath, Head, Talent Acquisition, Infosys

An expert talk session was organised on the 9th July 2020 , as part of the Talent Management course, an elective for the 4 th  trimester MBA students.  Ms Sumathi Sampath, Head, Talent Acquisition, Infosys  was the guest expert for the session. She talked about how hunting talent has evolved in organisations from staffing to recruitment and now known as talent acquisition. Today technology plays a significant role in every step of the function. It starts from employer branding as a process of attracting the right talent, proceeding into candidate sourcing, relationship management, hiring process and ends up in onboarding. She emphasised the importance of social media and AI making the life of a recruiter much easier in identifying and getting the right talent. Fr Arun Antony is the instructor of this course on Talent Management who facilitated the event for the students. 

Webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 - Indian Economy: impact, response and prospects” by Prof. N R BhanuMurthy, Professor at NIPFP, New Delhi

CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa was yet again honoured to welcome the most commendable personality Professor BhanuMurthy over a webinar on 3rd June, 2020 to address a wide group of attendees on the topic “ Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy: impact, response and prospects ”. Prof. BhanuMurthy is currently working as a Professor at National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi. He has worked as an associate and assistant professor at Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) and also at numerous organisations like UNDP and UNESCAP as macroeconomist. He has also been a consultant to ILO, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Currently, he is the Secretary of the Indian Econometric Society and Managing Trustee of Indian Economic Association Trust for Research and Development. Recently, he has been appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of the prestigious “Bengaluru Dr BR Ambedkar School of Economics”. The webinar mainly covered the ongoing crises spread all over