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Webinar on “Pandemics and Political Development: The Electoral Legacy of the Black Death in Germany” by Dr. Jan P. Vogler, post-doctoral research fellow in the political economy of good government at the University of Virginia's, USA

The Economic Club, Department of Data Science hosted yet another webinar on the topic “Pandemics and Political Development: The Electoral Legacy of the Black Death in Germany” by Dr. Jan P. Vogler. The webinar conducted on 27th August 2020 highlighted major aspects of the ongoing pandemic and its relation with the pertaining black deaths in Germany. Dr. Jan P. Vogler has studied political science at the Free University of Berlin and during his undergraduate studies, he spent one year at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on political science and economics. He further pursued his master’s degree in International relations with an emphasis on research methods at the London School of Economics.  Specialising in political economy and political methodology, he was aPhD student at Duke University. His Dissertation entitled The Political Economy of Public Bureaucracy: The Emergence of Modern Administrative Organization's explains cross-national and cross-regional variation i

INAUGURATION OF ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES of the School of Business & Management and School of Commerce, Finance & Accountancy

Leadership is a quality, which is entitled to be present in every individual, but tends to hide behind the fear of stress for a few. CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa is happy to announce the office bearers for the year 2020-21. The students coming from all across the country, try their best to excel in each field offered by the university. The event started with the invocation dance performed by Suruchi Kumari and Vasudha Chaubey. The welcome address given by the Head of the Department of Commerce & Management, Ms. Shubhashree Acharya was very encouraging for all the students. Followed by the Academic Coordinator, Dr. Fr Arun Antony left a sense of zeal to participate in all the opportunities coming our way in the future. Mr. Suman Gandham, the guest speaker, addressed students with the concepts of networking which would help us improve our skills in different segments of the business and financial world. The speech was followed by the announcement of the Office B