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Director's Address - Chri-Zzer 2020 Grand Finale

Before I begin, I would like to express my warm welcome to our beloved Pro Vice Chancellor – Dr. Fr. Jose CC for agreeing to be with us today, Dr. Fr. Viju - Director of NCR Delhi campus, Dr. Fr. Arun Antony & Fr. Sunny- the coordinators of the campuses, our Grand Master GS Pradeep, faculty and staff members, Christites and our 6 Finalists! A week's worth of fun and excitement is finally coming to an end today with the grand finale of this International Quiz Competition. We are always in the pursuit of providing the best education to our stakeholders and this is an initiative by Christ Lavasa in collaboration with Delhi NCR Campus to bring together Quizzers from across the country and outside.  From its inception to the finish, the team behind Chri-Zzer have put in their best and given the event their all. From the coordinators in Delhi campus to the coordinators at our Lavasa campus, the CHRIST team worked as one. Conducting a quiz competition is surely a task by itself but in


  In the wake of recruitment season The Placement team conducted their first Alumni Talk Series. Our Alumni Mr. Harsh Khandelwal, Financial Analyst at XL Dynamics, was invited to share his insights on the topic: Interview Success Tips for Analysts Position at XL Dynamics. Harsh joined the company in September (2020). He gave the students an overview of what XL Dynamics is all about, their clients, the roles of a Financial Analyst, work culture and motivated others to join the company. Harsh gave the students a brief about the recruitment process; he also emphasized on the usefulness of the analytical course offered by the university, which gave him an edge in being recruited. He also focused on being disciplined throughout the recruitment process.  For students awaiting placements, he advised them to be updated with the industry and to properly research of the company on either Quora or Glassdoor. In case for applying in Financial Analyst Position he said - the candidate should have an


  The Department of Data Science- CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune-Lavasa campus organized the first intra-department online techfest named the Technophilia’20 on 20th and 21st, November 2020. The word ‘Technophilia’ stands for the enthusiasm for constantly discovering and understanding new technology. The Inaugural ceremony of the event was held on 20th Nov 2020, with a welcome speech by Head of the Data Science department-Dr Samiksha Shukla in which she has encourage the students for the participation and performance in the events.The welcome speech was followed by an Inagural address given by Dr Fr Arun Antony academic coordinator ,pune lavasa campus. Fr Arun has appreciated the events organized by the department along with motivating the students for their active participation in the events. An outline of all the scheduled events by was presented Nihal Thapa -student coordinator and vice president of DSA. Analytica - Visualize your thoughts On November 20th of 2020, the Depa

Director's Address - Chri-Zzer 2020 Inaugural

We are here today to witness the inaugural of Chri-Zzer 2020 – an International Quiz Competition. In collaboration with CHRIST’s Delhi NCR campus, it gives me great pleasure to address you today to mark the start of this pioneer event that will surely be one to look forward to every year.  Quiz competitions often provide a chance to exercise one's brain cells, and one of the focal point of Chri-Zzer 2020 is how it will bring together participants from all over the country to do so. It will be a platform for students from across hundred schools to engage and compete with each other. I hope Chri-Zzer will bestow you the opportunity to take something new with you, over its course – be it in the form of a piece of knowledge, an enriching experience, or maybe even new friendships.  Let me conclude by expressing my gratitude to the director of Delhi NCR campus, Fr. Viju, for being a driving force behind this collaboration. I also extend my appreciation to all the campus coordinators for

GLOBAL LEADERS LECTURE SERIES - Next Gen Recruitment using AI by Mr. Jyothis KS

  Mr. Jyothis KS, Co-founder, and Director, Zappyhire, addressed the MBA final years on Tuesday, 17th November 2020 from 2.30 pm to 4 pm on the topic: Next Gen Recruitment using AI. Mr. Jyothis KS holds a bachelor's degree in B Tech from Mahatma Gandhi University. He has overall 15+ years of work experience in the IT sector. In Oct 2018, Jyothis co-founded Zappyhire after working as the Chief Operating Officer of CogniCor Technologies.  The lecture began with a small briefing on Zappyhire and an introduction to his team. He emphasized what Artificial Intelligence was and its importance in today's volatile business world. AI began to revolutionize the Indian market in 2014-15 with advanced development. He shed light on the role of AI in HR and the rapid growth of HR tech in the past 5-6 years. HR tech is the automation of HR functions. 56% of companies use AI and ML algorithms for sourcing and interviews. He cautioned the students about how they use their social media profiles b

Workshop on: LinkedIn profile - Rock your LinkedIn profile “building a great student profile”

A LinkedIn workshop was conducted under the Marketing club activity on 6thNovember, 2020 from 2.30 pm to 4 pm. The speaker for this event was Mr. Rakesh Gaur, Sr. Enterprise Sales Director LinkedIn Pune coordinated and organised by Prof. Stanny Dias. The Mission of LinkedIn is of connecting world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. The first year MBA students and Final year MBA Finance specialization batch students attended the session with a audience of total 110. The Host introduced the Guest and post the workshop, The vote of Thanks was given by Ms Akshita Saini from first year MBA batch.  The resource speaker first spoke about LinkedIn and suggested ways to building a great LinkedIn profile. Building a Great Student Profile The workshop covered the following points:   How to make a LinkedIn profile  Difference between LinkedIn profile and resume.  Write an informative profile headline.  Importance of a profile   Pick an appropriate photo.  Personal Branding

GLIMPSES FROM IGNITE 2020 - Kindling the festing spirit in you

Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa, has persistently functioned around the objective of Holistic evolution of young minds. The School of Business and Management Association and School of Commerce Association is a perfect platform for the students to develop and explore the existing and newfound potentials. On that note, IGNITE 2020 - an intra class business fest conducted exclusively for the first-year students of BCOM and BBA. The theme of this fest- “Kindling the festing spirit in you” intends to kindle the young new minds with the novel ideas. School of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy & School of Business and management offered variety of meticulously planned events were conducted on the 5th and 6th of November to showcase the talents of our very new enthusiastic batch of Christites. 5th November marked the beginning of Ignite’20. Day 1 started off with the inauguration ceremony wherein Ms. Amala Siby, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Management, formally

Promoting Sustainability and Local Culture of Lavasa City (SDG 11)

CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune is located at the heart of Lavasa, A beautifully planned and majestically built city in the seamless mixture of mesmerizing infrastructure, lush green valleys, sprawling ranges, and endless rivers, which is indeed a pleasure to one's eyes and relief to one's heart. Being located in a quiet, peaceful city has helped keep the pristine environment a perfect fit for education without any distractions. Holding high regard to this serene nature, which would relieve one from the stressful chaos of routine, the institution has come up with various initiatives to keep the surrounding intact and sustainable. The small changes create a huge difference, and every small change is the first step in a long path that starts from home. We regard 'pollution should never be the price for prosperity ' as accurate, and that is one reason the institution was set up in a pollution-free environment. To maintain the city, The CHRIST(Deemed to be Univer

Ignite 2020 Management Fest - Message from the Director

It gives me great joy to address you all today, on this inaugural event marking the beginning of Ignite 2020. With this intra-department business fest, I hope you will succeed in taking your entrepreneurial skills beyond the scope of pure academics. The events of Ignite 2020 will give you the opportunity to fine-tune your skills and develop them for the corporate world. Aside from this it will provide you with an insight into how to coordinate and organize this fest, so that you may be equipped to do the same when the time comes for your turn. With the large number of students from all the departments, I hope all of you will work to translate this strength in number to strengthen enthusiasm and determination for the event and thus make Ignite a valuable tradition of CHRIST Lavasa. I would like to commend the HoDs, coordinators and event heads for their organizing efforts. And dear students, I hope you will participate in the events with enthusiasm and dedication, and let this serve as

Interaction with Parents - Director's Message

I know sitting in front of screens has become the new normal. So addressing you all through this online mode is surely an experience to remember for all of us. I understand that this could be difficult or unusual for a lot of you. But in this regard I’m reminded of our students who are forced to spend their campus life online. How hard it must be for them to miss out on one of the best experiences of their lives – being a student.  It is not easy on our faculty either, but they, along with our management team have been working very hard to make this sudden transition for them as smooth as possible. At Christ we have been spending more time and effort for the efficient running of daily matters, with our students extending great cooperation as well. So I would like to begin by appreciating all of them, for their dedication and drive that is in line with the spirit of CHRIST and what CHRIST stands for.  Let me also express my heartfelt gratitude to you, the parents, for constantly moti

Inauguration of Analytics Club - Director's Message

In today’s data driven world, analytics is everything. With this focus CHRIST Lavasa recognizes itself as “The Analytics Hub of CHRIST”. Thus it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the inaugural of the Business Analytics Club, an initiative by the marketing department. I’m sure this club has marked the beginning of a lot of new possibilities for our students to gain hands-on experience. I commend the efforts taken by our dear students of marketing in making this a reality. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. With the initiation this club you’ve paved the way not just for yourselves and your batch mates, but all future CHRISTITES as well. I hope you will continue to put in the same amount of effort and enthusiasm, driving this club to be a USP of the marketing department at CHRIST. With this in mind, I look forward to the many activities soon to be conducted both inside and outside the campus by the Business Analytics Club. Let me extend a hearty congratulations to the HoD,