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Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG 9, SDG 12)

CHRIST( Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus is known for its world-class infrastructure and facilities. The institution has invested in various infrastructure to support its students' education, health, and research. There is a computer lab, CDI studio, bright room, auditorium, Amphitheatre, bus shed, canteens, cafeterias, etc., to name a few. The Campus also has an e-rickshaw, solar panels, pickup trucks, and a nursery for its on-campus staff. The main principle that guides the institution is motivated to look out for nature and sustainable resources. The institution also has a waste management system that converts waste generated from the Campus into compost. Trash management lessens the impact of garbage on the environment, health, and other factors. It can also assist in reusing or recycling materials such as paper, cans, glass, etc. Waste management encompasses a wide range of activities, including the disposal of solid, liquid, gaseous, or toxic wastes

Director's Note on Organisational Structure Training Competition 2020

  Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – John Dewey Through the OST program at Christ, we equip students to follow this ideal from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. With this focused study on an organization and its workings, the student will have undergone self-preparatory lessons prior to the commencement of their MBA education. In completing the OST program the student thus crosses over to the realm of a professional. They understand the deeper working of the industry and its requirements, equipping them to pursue their MBA program with a more focused goal in mind. OST thus aims to set our MBA students apart from the other MBA graduates in the country. As informed by their respective mentors, all of the students put up commendable presentations, and I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the effort and commitment shown by them in this endeavor. The OST in many ways, has marked the beginning of your professional career. It

Director's Message - Panel Discussion on "2020 Union Agricultural Market Acts: Who Gains?"

It gives me immense pleasure to collaborate with Symbiosis for this endeavour. This is the first time Symbiosis and CHRIST Lavasa are coming together for a collaboration. I would like to begin by extending my gratitude to our eminent speakers, Dr. P G Chengappa and Dr. Sukhpal Singh. I’m sure this discussion will be enlightened by your presence and words.   Coming to the topic of discussion, as you all know that the agricultural reforms or the farmers bill that was passed recently gained a lot of attention. In today’s world where everyone has a platform to voice their opinion, it becomes difficult to understand an issue completely without it being colored by prejudices. It is in such cases that the onus falls upon institutions like ours to inform young minds in such a way that they may weigh in by themselves and come to their own conclusions about current issues and relevant topics. Through this panel discussion we hope to facilitate this ideology. So I hope all of you will come

Director's Message - Christ Virtual Fellowship & Hackathon Program 2020

  In the next few days we will mark the completion of the Hackathon event. I’m sure the last two weeks have been a thrilling adventure for all the participants, and we are equally excited to commence with its finale starting today. The purpose of Hackathon Fellowship is to promote entrepreneurial development. It gives our participants a chance to gain in-depth knowledge on entrepreneurship, business plan training and sustainable development goals, while improving their technical skillset. I hope the event has also equipped students to engage in positive team building exercises. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Sujith Boddu from 1 st year BBA, for his efforts at planning and coordinating the events of the Hackathon. I would like to extend my gratitude to faculty coordinator Mr. Stanny Dias for his moral support, a big reason behind the success of this event. A special thanks to Fr. Arun for his encouragement and support. I’m sure the last two weeks of trainin

Clean Water and Sanitation (SDE 6, 7) 15 October 2021

CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune, Lavasa Campus believes in optimum usage of its resources with sustainable development. Lavasa experiences heavy rainfall throughout June to December. The institution has invested in and set up a comprehensive water harvesting system to collect rainwater and provide safer use. Free drinking water is provided on every floor of the institution, and hot or cold water options are also available. The green spaces around the Campus are watered consciously and responsibly. The institution works along with the Lavasa Township and looks out for the sanitation and cleaning water bodies in and around Lavasa. It focuses on enhancing water quality globally by decreasing pollution, eliminating dumping, and avoiding the discharge of dangerous chemicals and materials, halving the amount of untreated wastewater, and significantly boosting recycling and safe reuse.

Zentered Minds - Youth mental health summit

"The power of youth is the commonwealth for the entire world. The faces of young people are the faces of our past, our present, and our future. No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm, and courage of the young people."-Kailash Satyarthi. If there is one thing we could agree on, every parent wants their children to be successful and lead a healthy life, but the harsh reality is that life is unpredictable and comes with enormous challenges. Parents are the first guidance from and through whom children learn every aspect of life, and knowingly or unknowingly, parenting creates an inerasable impact on youths' mental, physical and emotional well-being. Parents must understand the needs of their children to consciously create a safe space that would ensure mentally stable growth. Especially the youth period is a primary transitional phase that sets the carpet for the rest of the journey down life; with that being said, self-doubts, insecurities

Marketing Conclave 2020!

  This year’s Marketing Conclave was organized by the Marketing Club of Christ University, Lavasa campus, on the 9th of October 2020. The theme for the conclave was “Marketing 4.0 – Value creation in the digital era”. Darothi, David, and Sanaya anchored the event. As guests for the event, there were three prominent speakers: Dr. Gibson Vedamani, Mr. Kurien Abraham, and Mr. Sowmith Mukund. The event commenced at 2:30 pm with an introduction to the theme, i.e., "Marketing 4.0 – Value creation in the digital era". Anukool, Sherin, and Rahul sang the welcome song, first-year MBA batch followed by Fr. Jossy' felicitation speech. The event was then followed by the introduction of each speaker, led by a 30 minutes talk where each speaker addressed the students along with a question and answers round of 10 minutes each. The first speaker for the day was Dr. Gibson Vedamani, the CEO and Founder of Retailvarsity. His eloquent speech about the various concepts and means used for mar

Christ Virtual Fellowship & Hackathon Program 2020

The First Virtual Christ Fellowship and Hackathon event 2020 was conducted from 7th September 2020 to 5th October 2020 on the virtual platform Webex. The event was the brainchild of our very own BBA student Venkat Sujith and ably assisted by Hitesh Preetam and Divyesh. The faculty coordinator was Prof. Stanny Dias and the co-faculty coordinator was Prof Monica from the Department of Commerce and Management. The event saw more than twenty-seven participants from across campuses in India and abroad as well taking part. The event was hosted by the Department of Commerce and Management and was supported and guided by Prof. Shubashree Acharya, the Head of the Department of Commerce and Management.  The inauguration ceremony was conducted on the 7th of September and the event culminated on 5th of October with the announcement of the winners. The participation fee was Rs 5000 + GST for the entire event. The winning team received Rs 50000 and the runners-up received Rs 25000.      Event Des

Webinar on “Reforms in Indian Agriculture for Economic Growth” by Prof. C.G. Ranade, Retired Senior Agriculture Economist, World Bank, USA

The Economics Club, Department of Data Science witnessed yet another honorable talk by Professor C.G. Ranade on “Reforms in Indian agriculture for Indian economic growth” on 26 September 2020. Dr. Ranade has completed his education at John Hopkins University in Master of Arts in Education. Dr. Ranade has done a Master of Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute and Ph.D. in Economics with a specialization in agricultural economics from Cornell University, USA. This involved numerous applications of mathematics and statistic. He has worked with IIMA and International Food Policy Research Institute, USA, and made a significant contribution to policymaking. Further, he has joined the World Bank, as Senior Agricultural Economist and involved in many international projects. In the World Bank, he was managing training programs on Rural Project Analysis in the Transition Economies of the Former Soviet Union countries, Cambodia and Vietnam; and Policy Analysis programs in South Asia, Centr

Bloom 2020

On Mental Health Awareness month, Exeter Bloom, A Virtual mental health awareness festival conducted by Exeter Phoenix. Bloom had invited Ms Arpita Ghosh, Creative Facilitator Counsellor of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa campus, to speak on Vitality Matters. Ms Arpita has always been a true motivator and inspiration to old and young alike; she believes every individual has the potential within to excel and exhibits a fine blend of a holistic approach in all her training programs. She is adept at working on behavioral changes and has a psychological understanding. Ms Arpita has been long-standing support in making the institution a healthy and sound place for students, faculty, parents, or facilitators. We are so glad that she could create a positive impact and awareness in the larger frame. The institution proudly affirms that Exeter Bloom has made the right choice by inviting an incredible motivator who has never once failed in leaving a positive impact. Mental health c

Unmask the Mask

CHRIST Consulting organized a workshop," Unmask the Mask," on the 3rd and 4th of October,2020, facilitated by Ms Arpita Ghosh, from CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus. An initiative to confront our reality through art and movement therapy. It was a four-hour-long virtual workshop aimed at a step-by-step activity engaging our identity through expressive arts. Most often, our belief about ourselves is based on what others believe about us with the result, and we do not explore our full potential. The burden of wearing a mask that is not ours can be killing. The main takeaway from the workshop included personal investigation and integration practice so that one can be more self-aware, boost self-confidence, exploring one's creative self, and understand emotional intelligence. The capacity to express and manage one's emotions is essential, but so is the ability to comprehend, interpret, and respond to the feelings of others. Consider a world in which you