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`Gracias’ 2019

The corporate mentors from all over India attended `Gracias’ to motivate their respective mentees at Central Block Auditorium, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa on 29th June 2019. It has been rightly said that ‘a moment of gratitude makes a difference in one’s attitude’. Distance and time held no bars for the corporate mentors who flew miles to be present on this occasion. Hence, like a true Christite, the students expressed their gratitude to their corporate mentors, who made a difference in their lives in a short span.     The mentors who came for the event were Ms Subheksha Rawat from Genworks, Mr Avinash Jadav and Ms Meetali Raj from IDBI Bank, Ms Vishwani Kwatra from Ispeed, Mr Rakesh Shukla and Mr Pradeep Pandey from Edelwesis, Mr Vishal Pathak from LKP Securities, Mr Zeeshan Harris and Mr Mayank Malviya from Bike doctor, Mr Aditya Bhaskaran from Indus Biotech and Mr Himanshu Bajaj from Bajaj Allianz.     Varun S Chakraborty and Madhulika Mahara anchored the entire e

Inauguration of Harmoney - the Finance Club

Harmoney - the Finance Club of CIM, Lavasa had the inauguration ceremony on 28th June 2019 at 2.30 pm in the Auditorium, Management Block. Director & Dean, Fr Jossy P George, Academic Coordinator, Fr Arun Anthony, Head of Academics, Dr Binu P Paul, HoD, Finance, Professor Soumya V along with three students lighted the lamp.  Fr Jossy encouraged the students to remember lessons learnt from last year and motivated them to work hard throughout the year. The inaugural event was anchored by Sneha and Esther. Then various ativities were conducted in the Smart Room for the students. Banik and Yathish coordinated to conduct the game which was about guessing a word through pictures. Akhil Laul handled the basketball game smartly. Pulkit and Satish were in charge of the game called auctions.  

Guest Lecture On Growing A Business Digitally

Mr Nilesh Komatwar, CEO and Founder of DigitalNil Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. addressed the second year MBA students on 25th June 2019 in the Management Block. He is a corporate branding expert, nurtured by AIC-Pinnacle, certified trainer from MCED, Government of Maharashtra, former intrapreneur at Yoursarthi and above all a digital marketer. He has also been a marketing consultant at Engikart. He came with Mr Akash Pithadiya, the co-founder. has rightly defined the term `entrepreneurship’. It is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.  Mr Nilesh Komatwar gave a guest lecture on growing a business digitally in this age of technology. The main focus was on how to start a business in the service segment and begin getting clients. He gave them valuable inputs on how social media can help a new entrepreneur during the initial phase. He explained that starting a new business

Holistic Education – A Cut Above The Rest

Holistic Education is imparted to students for an in-depth understanding of life. Education is not just confined to text books or corporate talks but every effort is made by the college to provide a comprehensive learning which caters to their spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing. The teachers had lots of brainstorming sessions so that each module can be effectively communicated for internalization of the students.  The topics for HED are Cross Cultural Recognition, Value Pluralism, Relationship Management, Intellectual Humility and Healthy Relationship. Holistic Education intends to help a student find purpose in life through interaction with others in a community and identify humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Thereby it leads to an all-round development of self-actualization which caters to a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Such an approach will eventually develop the skills of a student and build his or her inner strength. It also

HR Club, Speranza Inaugurated

Steve Wynn has rightly said, “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” On behalf of HR Department Madhulika Mahara welcomed everyone to the inauguration of Human Resource Club; `Speranza’. It gave all HR aspirants a glimpse of what the future holds for them. The inaugural ceremony of the HR Club, Speranza for the Batch 2019-20 took place in the Auditorium of the Management Block on 21 st June 2019. The opening event aimed to showcase HR and its importance in the business world. The students were briefed about the upcoming interactive activities which will be conducted throughout the year. Director & Dean, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa, Dr Fr Jossy P George, Academic Co-coordinator, Dr Fr Arun C Anthony, Head of Academics, Dr Binu P Paul, Head of Human Resource Department, Dr Neena PC, CR-HRD, Jessy Sini Das, and Prajwal Vishwanath from new MBA batch lighted the lamp. `Speranza’ is an Italian word and when

Nuances of Case Study Analysis

As zero-week is progressing the first year MBA students are getting a lot of information through various bridge courses. On Friday, 21 st June 2019 the students learnt about the nuances of case study analysis. The students came prepared and were well versed with selected cases which had already been shared with them. Some of the cases were BlackBerry's Turnaround Strategy , International Logistics & Supply Chain Management , NEXA - A Successful Makeover , Cross-Badging Strategy , Dealing with Customer Complaints , "Ways to Keep Sizzling" - McDonald's Corporation, "Human Capital Acquisition and Organizational Innovation: A Temporal Perspective", Brand interactive in nature etc. The students took active part in the discussion and gave valuable inputs. The pedagogy used was a mix of case studies, case discussions, exercises, role plays, dialogues and simulations to achieve its objectives. Based on the knowledge gathered, inputs provided and the strat

MBA Batch 2019-20 Motivated To Find Their Strength

Mr John K John, Head Leadership Facilitation, addressed the new MBA students and conducted a workshop on “Strength Finder” in the Smart Room on 18th June 2019. Mr John is Gallup Strengths Coach – 1 out of 90 in India. He is also Vice President - Learning and Development, Reliance Industries Limited. His workshop was based on inputs from `Discover your CliftonStrengths’ by Doc Clifton, father of Strengths based Psychology and inventor of `CliftonStrengths’. In his motivational lecture Mr John inspired the students to tap their hidden potential by using their strength and bringing about a radical change in themselves. It has been rightly observed that quite often human tendency gravitates towards fixing the shortcomings rather than strengthening the strengths. Weakness of an individual is always given importance and reasons for which are often always analyzed. Mr John inspired the young MBA students and said that if students invest energy in developing their strengths, the result c

Non-Teaching Staff - The Backbone of CHRIST

Non-teaching staff is the backbone of an institution. The entire army of sincere and dedicated non-teaching employees of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa bear testimony to this fact. They are the silent workers who work diligently brushing aside their personal life. They are an epitome of commitment and sincerity. They are humble enough to work behind the scene and not be in the limelight. Any event is incomplete without their unflinching support. Time is premium for everyone but these hardworking workers’ work is not defined by time. They work day and night smilingly to ensure that CHRIST lives up to the image which it upholds. All the non-teaching staff members have unquestionable faith in Director & Dean, Fr Jossy P George. One can’t deny the valuable contribution of Manu Raj C R, Rijo Paul, Francis P T, Nalini Adhikarao, Ganesh Halande, Aniket Gaudam Dhiwar, Rajendra Dhotre, Mouli, Babu Joseph and Kanchan Tilasi in helping the college reach the pinnacle of success. Ap

First Impression On First Day

First day is always crucial for every student. Students from different walks of life and diverse cultural background have joined CHRIST, Lavasa for a two-year degree course in MBA. A Zero Week schedule has been designed for new MBA entrants from 17th to 22nd June 2019. It includes a series of lectures over a period of one-week through a Bridge Course related to Accounting, Business Communication, Statistics etc. The bridge course has been designed meticulously to orient first year students from multiple disciplines about some core subjects in MBA. The students will be familiarized with all the subjects to be taught so that they gain an understanding of a subject with which they have had little or no exposure till now. Thereby it will orient them for the upcoming courses being offered at CHRIST. After the students attended a few sessions of the bridge course they expressed their views confidently about their first day in the college. Shruti Rastogi from Delhi is happy with her choice

A New Beginning For Batch of 2019 -2021

It has been rightly said that the best time for a new beginning is NOW! Today is the beginning of whatever anyone wants as he or she embraces new chances with hope and optimism. One should not be afraid of new beginnings, new people, new surroundings and new challenges. One must remember that every day is a new beginning, they must take a deep breath, smile and start again and experience the joy of a new beginning. Welcoming a new batch of students is always a pleasure for any college and CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa is not an exception. The entire CHRIST fraternity warmly welcomed the Batch of 2019 -2021 MBA students on 15th June 2019 in the Management Block.   The solemn event began with an invocation song by Esther, Sneha, Shobith, Alvin, Harsha and Jessy. After the formal lighting of lamp, the Introductory Prayer was read out by Dr Fr Jossy George, Director & Dean, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa. It was followed by readings from holy scri

Workshop On Transformational Leadership

Under the aegis of L.E.A.F.; (Learn. Experience. Apply. Flourish) initiative a workshop was conducted on 'Leadership in Academics' on 14th June 2019 by Counsellor, Ms Arpita Ghosh in the Management Block of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Lavasa. L.E.A.F. intends to. Chief Educationist, Ms Doris Rao along with five principals namely Mr Prashant Sharma, Mr Mukesh Thakur, Mr Sanjay Pandey, Mr Rajesh Sharma and Ms Ipsita Choudhary representing schools run by Ambuja Vidya Niektan Trust, attended the workshop. The schools are Ambuja Vidya Niketan - Ambujanagar, Gujarat, Ambuja Public School - Rabriyawas, Rajasthan, DAV Ambuja Vidya Niketan Public School - Darlaghat, Himachal Pradesh, Ambuja Vidya Peeth - Rawan, Chhattisgarh and Ambuja Vidya Niketan - Upparwahi, Maharashtra. The focus of the workshop was on transformational leadership. It was clearly mentioned with suitable examples that leading an educational institute is in no different from leading any other organization.

Toppers’ Talk

Academic Excellence Awards are given each year during the convocation ceremony to toppers in each specialization for their excellence and performance in the field of academics. Abhinay Kishor Totawar was the topper in Finance, Ashish Chacko topped in Marketing and Aryakrishna U was the topper in HR. The Best Outgoing Student’s award was given to Deepshikha Sinha and Jinto Kurian.   As a mark of appreciation all the students expressed their heart-felt gratitude to Director, Fr Jossy, Academic Coordinator, Fr Arun, teachers, mentors and friends for their success as they shared their experience at CIML.   Abhinay Kishor Totawar will always be thankful to CHRIST, Lavasa for a memorable time and it will remain close to his heart till time immemorial. The kind of learning environment he got is remarkable. Every step took him closer to becoming a new person as he met a wide variety of people. Despite lack of proficiency in English, he was able to surpass the challenge and communica

Holistic Education – A Way of Life

Education at CHRIST is not limited to mere text books rather it transcends the corporate talks and practical hands-on training and moves on to Holistic Education. Academia is incomplete if holistic education is not incorporated in the curriculum for an all-round development of a personality. The HED classes intends to help students understand the importance of healthy relationships and develop good character traits. The students will be taught that human interaction is not just limited to exchanging pleasantries rather they ought to develop core beliefs, consider issues which arise when communities with different values and beliefs try to live together in peace and consider the role of education in developing understanding between people of different cultures. The main objective behind HED sessions will be to help them communicate with all those with whom they interact in and out of the campus while providing an insight into concept of healthy relationship. The students

SIP - A Learning Experience

The classes have begun in earnest, the students are back to the routine and with pre monsoon showers the campus has a pleasant look. As the students are beginning to keep pace with the knowledge being imparted in the classes, they shared their SIP (Summer Internship Program) experience during the summer break with their respective teachers. SIP is mandatory, SIP is inevitable, SIP has value attached to it and SIP gives a practical hand-on experience to young graduates as they interact with the professionals from varied fields. Hence, whether it was the scorching heat or cool weather the students went ahead with optimism, keeping the spirit of college anthem for SIP. The anthem clearly says, `March On Christite, March On! With Head Held High And Heart So Strong…’.   Sneha Mathew found the experience quite enriching. Her mentors were cordial and helped her to understand the nitty gritty details of the topic. She found the ambience congenial to learning.  

Welcome Back Batch of 2018-20

With the advent of June, everyone begins to anticipate fresh students, some new teachers, a revised version of teaching methodology and a renewed zeal and zest. Batch of 2018-20 students returned back to college and they were warmly welcomed by the CHRIST fraternity on 10th June 2019. The forlorn look in the corridors was transformed into a buzzing ground, as students and teachers exchanged pleasantries and shared their experience during the holidays. The students were smartly dressed in business formals and looked professional as they begin a new session with hopes in their hearts and dreams in their eyes. The entire campus came alive with students catching up with each other. They could be seen intermingling with each other. Their conversations were about the recent SIP experience, their ambitions about a promising future and a rejuvenated spirit which radiated exuberance. The solemn ceremony began with seeking the blessings of the divine after lighting the lamp. It wa

Commendable Convocation Ceremony

Graduates from 2017-19 Batch of Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa gathered on Saturday, 8th June 2019 in the Auditorium, Central Block, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Lavasa for the Convocation Ceremony. It was a proud moment for the students to assemble for the much awaited day. Convocation is a time of endings and beginnings; of looking to the future with hope while saying farewell with both joy and nostalgia. It is a time to recall all those feelings, even though it is hard to imagine if one will ever have such an experience again. The procession began from Central Block entrance when PGDM (A) students were led by Assistant Professor Sanjay Sahai and PGDM (B) students were led by Assistant Professor Jobin Jacob with the class representative carrying the placard. The students bore a scholarly look when they wore a robe and hood. The band played 'Ke Sera Sera' as the students entered the auditorium.   The procession of dignitaries was led by Head of Aca