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Formulating A Strategy To Take CHRIST Forward

Dr A Senthil Kumaran, Chief Confluencer, The Learners Confluence conducted a workshop for the teachers of Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa on 29th and 30th May 2019. It focused on `CHRIST - The Nurturing Ground’. It intended to give them a direction regarding making plans, formulating strategies and ensuring they are implemented in the new session. Dr Senthil has always been instrumental in creating a strategy for academician and administration process at Christ, Bangalore. He has contributed to the formulation of operational procedure in CHRIST. He focused on bringing people together and making efforts to retain the ethos, live up to the stake holders' expectations and scale up the faith which people have in the college. He spoke at length about learning from different frameworks which relied on tried and tested theories.   Dr Senthil narrated anecdotes from his experience in the corporate sector and his strong association with Christ, Bangalore. He suggeste

Faculty Development Program on ‘Teaching in the era of Nano Degrees’

Christ University, Lavasa is committed to providing educational solution to unidentified needs, as well as identified but unmet needs of various stakeholders by offering world class programs. The teaching learning process in the University is consistently aligned with the needs of the changing world. To achieve this and to benchmark the academic programs against the highest possible standards, University organizes FDPs on a regular basis. These meetings become venues of constructive discussions and objective deliberations where the extant and future programs are examined keeping in mind the complete teaching learning cycle. An intensive Faculty Development Program on‘Teaching in the era of Nano Degrees’ along with a specific focus on Research and Publications was organized at Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa from 13th to 24th May 2019. The theme for the FDP this year was ‘Teaching in the era of Nano Degrees’. Teaching - learning landscape has undergone tremendous cha