PROJECT PRADHAN : Creating a brighter tomorrow

Centre for Social Action (CSA) organized Project Pradhan: Creating a brighter tomorrow at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus.

We say Sharing is Caring; Project Pradhan was initiated to familiarize the students with the joy of giving to the underprivileged. The project aimed at providing essential items to the children in the community and other indigents. The primary focus was collecting stationery items like clothes, books, or any items that could be useful to the community members. The project also focused on developing a cooperative mentality among the student community. Pradhan in Marathi means Provide.

The project was implemented to collect essential stationery items from the students and faculty of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus, and provide them to underprivileged around the village and school children. The CSA placed three boxes in the Central block and two in the Management block were kept to collect the items. The students and faculty members were free to drop anything that was in usable condition and value for the children and the members of the neighbouring village. Many items like clothes, books, pens, pencils, shoes, packaged food items, etc were contributed by the CHRIST fraternity. The CSA volunteers separated the items that were in the boxes into used and unused categories. Made new notebooks out of the unused papers from the used notebooks, and the waste papers were used to make stage décor for the college events. The volunteers made almost 25 notebooks. New and old clothes were segregated and kept for the village people and the children of nearby schools.

On 6th July 2022, the student volunteers and the coordinators went to the nearby village to distribute the items. Mrs Leelabhai Margale, one of the leading social activists in Lavasa helped the team in the distribution. She was also a part of the Narmada Bachao Andolan along with Mrs Medha Patkar the Indian Social Activist. The clothes were given to the tribal people in Mugaon village. Books and other stationery items were distributed to the kids of Zila Parishad school.

It is essential to maintain a commitment to society. Through this project, the students got an opportunity to develop a positive attitude toward the society they are also a part of. It will always benefit society, institutions as well as the personal growth of the students.


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