Elysian, Celebrating World Theatre Day along with MasterChef Law

World Theatre Day was celebrated with Elysian, a cultural event organised on April 21, 2023, which began at 5 p.m. The event also featured a MasterChef competition. The evening began by the emcees introducing the meaning and importance of theatre in our lives which was then followed by few music performances by the students of First and Second Year of the Law School. The play "Baisa Ka Haar" was adapted from Guy de Maupassant's novel "The Necklace" by Archi. The performance emphasised the importance of finding happiness in one's life and conveyed the idea that arrogance and conceit are harmful.

The third activity of the event was the competition titled, MasterChef Law. The competition was held amongst 9 teams of the School of Law. The competition started with the marketing strategists of each team representing their teams on stage and promoting their stalls within a time duration of two to five minutes. Then a timer of one hour was turned on and all the teams had to cook their dishes under the theme of Fusion. The first team named “The Combo Palace'' cooked Chicken Kathi Rolls, the second team named “Food Hub'' cooked Pink Sauce Pasta and served it along with a beverage named Secret Shikanji. The third team named “Chutney Stories” cooked a variety of Dosas and the highlight dish they was the Schezwan Masala Dosa, The fourth team named “Urban Darbar” cooked Punjabi dishes such as Gajar ka Halwa and Frankies, The fifth team named “Desi Tadka” cooked variety of Frankies and served it with a beverage of Cold Coffee, The sixth team named “Hot Knives'' prepared Tandoor Spaghetti and Garlic Bread which was a fusion of Indian and Italian cuisines, while the seventh team named “Cook with Komali'' served Chicken 65, Chicken Fry, Chicken Rolls in South Indian style. The eighth team named “Cosy Kitchen” cooked a South Indian dish called Punugulu along with Potato balls and Lassi, The ninth team named “Chicken Chazer'' cooked a variety of dishes with their main ingredient as chicken. The audience present on scene enjoyed the diverse cuisines and delicacies offered by the varied teams. As the timer buzzed, the teams stopped the selling of their various dishes. The Organising Committee (OC) had decided that the Winners of the competition would be decided by the team with the most earnings. Hence, while the incomes of each team were tallied by the OC members, the audience enjoyed two dance performances by the First Year students.

The Winners of the MasterChef Law competition were declared by the Head of Department as “The Urban Darbar” with the Runner Up team as “The Combo Palace”. The winning team, Urban Darbar had members namely Tanveen Kaur, Sehaj Preet Kaur, Divjot Singh, Sparsh Ahuja, and Yash Chauhan. The runner up team consisted of members namely Mohak Lakhmani, Ankita Priya, Sanskriti Singh, David Joseph, and Drishti Gupta. The cultural event ended with a vote of thanks. The theme of Elysian was well received by competitors, participants, and attendees alike


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