Melange 23 - Model United Nations

A MUN with the theme of modern dystopia involved students taking on the roles of diplomats representing different countries in a fictional dystopian world. Participants discussed and debated issues related to the dystopian society, such as government control, censorship, technological advancements, and human rights violations. The conference involved drafting and passing resolutions to address these issues. Students gained valuable skills in diplomacy, public speaking, and negotiation, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving. The conference provided a unique and engaging way for students to explore and understand complex issues related to the modern world. The Committees: External Delegates along with Executive Board members and the Secretariat

The Lighting of the Lamp by Dean & Director Dr. Fr. Jossy P George, Academic Coordinator- Fr. Justin P Varghese, Cluster Coordinator Dr. Aashiek Cheriyan, Faculty Coordinator Prof. Monica L, and Student Coordinator Mr. Shivang Kalsi The following deliberation followed in the committees:

● UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY- During the UNGA of MUN, delegates discussed whether all countries should have nuclear weapons. The debate was heated, with some arguing that nuclear weapons provide a deterrent against aggression and promote national security, while others argued that they pose a grave threat to global peace and stability.

● UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL- The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) simulation at a Model United Nations (MUN) conference deliberated upon the South China Sea dispute. Participants represented countries with a stake in the conflict and discussed issues such as military build-up, territorial claims, and the impact on regional stability.

● ALL INDIA POLITICAL PARTIES MEET- During the AIPPM committee of MUN, delegates deliberated upon the issue of naxalism in India. The discussion was focused on the root causes of this long-standing problem and the measures needed to address it effectively.

● JOINT CRISIS COMMITTEE- The Joint Crisis Committee of MUN took on the difficult task of discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor with a freeze date. The committee discussed the events leading up to the attack, as well as the response of the United States and Japan in the aftermath. In reflection, the entire MUN themed around modern dystopia was a platform for students to assimilate world knowledge to design solutions and policies that pose unrest in this modern world. In the outset, the aim of organizing a Model United Nations in a business school was to provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership, negotiation, and teamwork skills, as well as gain knowledge of global issues and the workings of international organizations, all of which are relevant to a business career. Melange 2023, did a splendid job achieving this deliverable.


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