An Introduction to Communication & Management using Google Workspace Applications

The workshop was meticulously designed to equip faculty members of the Data Science Department with advanced tools and strategies for optimizing communication and management tasks. The primary focus was on leveraging Google Workspace applications to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and facilitate effective collaboration among faculty members. The session commenced with a comprehensive examination of optimizing Gmail workflows. Participants were instructed on advanced search techniques to swiftly locate emails, thereby saving time and mitigating the challenges associated with managing a crowded inbox. The workshop emphasized the importance of organization within Gmail, demonstrating the effective use of filters and labels to categorize and prioritize emails efficiently. Faculty members were introduced to inbox tabs, which facilitate a structured email management system by segregating emails into distinct categories such as primary, social, and promotions. Additionally, the workshop covered the management of email signatures, teaching participants how to create professional, standardized signatures that can be customized for various contexts. Personalized settings customization was another focal point, where attendees learned to tailor Gmail settings to their individual preferences, thereby enhancing their overall email experience. A significant feature discussed was the "Undo Send" function, a critical tool for error prevention. This feature allows users to recall an email within a brief period after sending it, providing a crucial window to rectify any mistakes. The email merge capabilities were also highlighted, showcasing how to efficiently send personalized bulk emails, a particularly useful feature for disseminating announcements or updates to large groups of students or colleagues. The workshop then transitioned to the effective utilization of Google Calendar, an indispensable tool for scheduling and time management. Faculty members were taught to track work effectively by setting up meetings, deadlines, and reminders. The integration of Google Keep and Google Tasks with Google Calendar was also explored. Google Keep was introduced as a tool for note-taking and task list creation, allowing for easy tracking and access across devices. Google Tasks was covered as a simple yet powerful tool for managing to-do lists directly within Gmail or Google Calendar, ensuring that tasks are visible and can be managed alongside emails and events.

A core component of the workshop was enhancing communication methods. Google Contacts was presented as an efficient way to access and manage contact information. Participants learned how to organize and update contacts, streamlining communication processes. The workshop also included a session on conducting virtual meetings using Google Meet, where faculty members practiced setting up, scheduling, and joining meetings. The capabilities of Google Chat and Spaces were explored for real-time messaging and collaboration, offering faculty members new avenues for seamless communication and teamwork. The workshop provided insights into efficient event and meeting scheduling within Google Calendar. Attendees were instructed on sharing invitations and managing RSVPs, ensuring comprehensive communication with all participants. The automatic syncing feature of Google Contacts was also discussed, demonstrating how it ensures that contact information is consistently updated across all Google Workspace applications, thereby facilitating smoother communication.Overall, the workshop was comprehensive and meticulously detailed, covering a wide range of tools and strategies to enhance communication and management tasks within the Data Science Department. By the end of the session, faculty members were equipped with a robust set of skills to leverage Google Workspace applications effectively, leading to improved productivity, better organization, and more effective collaboration. This initiative not only aimed to enhance individual efficiency but also fostered a more cohesive and collaborative working environment within the department.


  1. Outcome 1: The workshop provided faculty members with practical insights and hands-on experience in utilizing Google Workspace applications to enhance their communication and management workflows. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how to leverage Gmail for efficient email management, Google Calendar for effective scheduling, and Google Contacts for streamlined contact management.
  2. Outcome 2: Moreover, they learned how to integrate various Google Workspace applications to foster seamless collaboration and productivity.

Naived George Eapen, being a Post Graduate in Computer Science and a Google Certified Educator, has an experience of working with AI and ML based live projects and has interned in two different companies as a Full Stack Web Developer and AI Engineer. Mr.Naived is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Data Science, Pune Lavasa Campus. He emphasizes on having self-directed and experiential learning methods, and personalized assessments, inspired from the Montessori education approach. He currently holds responsibility as the Coordinator of Internal Quality Assurance Cell and Teaching Learning Enhancement Cell at the Pune Lavasa Campus. His interests in Computer Science are towards Computer Vision, Machine Learning, API Development and Programming Fundamentals. He is passionate to work with programming and scripting languages such as C, JAVA, Python, Android, Javascript, C#, Matlab etc.

List of All Attendees/Beneficiaries
1.Dr.Lija Jacob
2.Prof.Alwin Joseph
3.Prof.Pramila R M
4.Dr.Jibrael Jos
5.Dr. M. Savithri
6.Dr.Vijayalakshmi S
7.Dr.Gunavathi R
8.Dr.Lekha J
9.Prof.Kandula Balagangadhar
10.Prof.Thomas K T
11.Dr.Vandana Bhagat
12.Prof.Anubin Binoy
13.Prof.Ayana Shaji
14.Prof.Amala Johnson
15.Dr.Ramesh Kumar
16.Dr.Sweety K
17.Dr.Lian Mathew
18.Prof.Bijesh Thomas
19.Prof.Avichal Sharma
20.Ms.Gaichuiliu Gonmei
21.Dr.Libin Chacko
22.Dr.Tiny S Paalathara
23.Dr.Ashaq Hussain
24.Ms.Nishitha Sharma


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