Securing Employability through Algorithmic Thinking

The Data Science Association successfully organized a guest lecture on the theme "Enhancing Employability through Algorithmic Thinking" on February 13, 2024. The lecture aimed to shed light on the significance of algorithmic thinking in today's job market and how it can enhance one's employability. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Amlesh Kaneskar, the Director of the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics. Mr. Kaneskar brought a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of economics and academia, making him the perfect candidate to address the audience on the topic of enhancing employability through algorithmic thinking.  The guest lecture was started with a welcome speech by Dr. Tiny S Palathara, DSA coordinator department of Data Science. Later Ms.Shubhalakshmi, 2BSc EA student has introduced the guest and the significance of the topic. 

The guest lecture was started with a welcome speech by Dr. Tiny S Palathara, DSA coordinator department of Data Science. Later Ms.Shubhalakshmi, 2BSc EA student has introduced the guest and the significance of the topic.


Introduce Algorithmic Thinking: The primary objective of the event was to introduce attendees to the concept of algorithmic thinking and its significance in today's job market.

Highlight Employability Enhancement: The event aimed to highlight how developing algorithmic thinking skills can enhance one's employability across various industries and professions.

Provide Practical Insights: Attendees were expected to gain practical insights into the applications of algorithmic thinking through real-world examples and case studies.

Encourage Skill Development: The event sought to encourage attendees to actively engage in skill development activities to refine their algorithmic thinking abilities.

Facilitate Interaction: Lastly, the event aimed to foster interaction and discussion among attendees, allowing them to exchange ideas and perspectives on algorithmic thinking and its implications for employability.

Discussions and Feedback

During the guest lecture, Mr. Amlesh Kaneskar, Director of the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, delved into the multifaceted realm of algorithmic thinking and its profound implications for employability enhancement. He commenced his discourse by elucidating the fundamental principles of algorithmic thinking, stressing its role as a cornerstone skill in today's dynamically evolving job market. Drawing from his extensive expertise in economics and academia, Mr. Kaneskar elucidated how algorithmic thinking transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, permeating diverse professional domains ranging from data science to economics.

The interactive segments of the lecture provided attendees with valuable opportunities to engage with Mr. Kaneskar, pose questions, and participate in enriching discussions. Attendees enthusiastically shared their perspectives on algorithmic thinking and its relevance to their professional endeavors, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Mr. Kaneskar's insightful responses and engaging demeanor facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to explore the potential of algorithmic thinking in their careers.In conclusion, Mr. Amlesh Kaneskar's illuminating discourse on algorithmic thinking left a lasting impression on attendees, equipping them with valuable insights and inspiration to enhance their employability in an increasingly competitive landscape. The interactive nature of the session fostered meaningful exchanges and reflections, underscoring the importance of collaborative learning in fostering professional growth and development.

Outcome of the event

1.      Increased Awareness: Attendees gained a deeper understanding of algorithmic thinking and its relevance in today's professional landscape.

2.      Enhanced Employability: Participants learned how developing algorithmic thinking skills can significantly enhance their employability and career prospects.

3.      Practical Application: Attendees acquired practical insights into applying algorithmic thinking in solving real-world problems and challenges.

4.      Motivated Learning: The event inspired attendees to engage in continuous learning and skill development to further refine their algorithmic thinking abilities.

5.      Networking Opportunities: Participants had the opportunity to network with the guest speaker and fellow attendees, potentially leading to future collaborations and opportunities in their respective fields.

The Data Science Association's guest lecture on algorithmic thinking was a resounding success. Attendees were highly engaged, inspired by practical examples and interactive discussions. Positive feedback highlights its significance in augmenting data science competencies and fostering a culture of continuous skill enhancement.


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