SustainSphere -SDG Day Competition

 The Sustainsphere competition was started with a welcome speech by Dr. Tiny S Palathara, SDG Cel coordinator department of Data Science. Later Ms. Chaithanya, 4BSc EA student has explained all the rules and regulation of the event and introduced the judges of the day. Judeges were Prof KV Thomas, BCom Department, Prof Shradha Ravi, Department of Law and Prof Avichal Sharma, Department of Data Science. In the first round of Sustain Sphere, teams of two students each represented various countries, including India, Guinea, Finland, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, and more. They engaged in comprehensive research on SDG measures implemented by their assigned nations. Through this simulation, participants gained diplomatic skills and a global perspective on the challenges associated with SDGs.

SustainSphere, a flagship event organized by the SDG Cell within the Department of Data Science at CHRIST Deemed to be University, was conducted with the aim of empowering students with valuable skills while actively contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event comprised two rounds: a United Nations Model Simulation and an SDG Ideas Implementation round.


  •  The event aimed to achieve several objectives:
  • Educating students about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Providing students with a global view of SDG measures through UN simulations.
  • Encouraging students to use their knowledge to foster sustainable practices within the university, Lavasa, and society.
  • Improving student involvement and collaboration towards SDGs.
  • Providing opportunities for winning teams to stay involved in SDG initiatives.

Event Details:

Round 1 - UN Model Simulation:In this stage, participating teams represented assigned countries in a United Nations model simulation. Teams engaged in comprehensive research on SDG measures implemented by various nations, enhancing diplomatic skills and gaining a global perspective on SDG challenges.

Round 2 - SustainSphere Action Round:Winning teams from the simulation progressed to the second round, focusing on implementing sustainable practices within the university and Lavasa. This round emphasized the practical application of research findings for tangible impacts.

Discussions and Feedback

SustainSphere successfully achieved its objectives by engaging students in understanding, simulating, and implementing sustainable development initiatives. The event fostered collaboration, creativity, and practical solutions towards achieving the UN SDGs, contributing to a more sustainable future for our community and beyond. SustainSphere, an initiative aimed at empowering students with skills for sustainable development, saw enthusiastic participation with 16 students registering for the event. Following the initial round, where 10 teams comprising two individuals each showcased their understanding of SDGs, five teams were selected to progress further. In the subsequent round, students presented innovative SDG ideas focusing on campus and Lavasa's well-being. After considering scores from both rounds, the first prize was awarded to Prathosh Chander and Reiya from the Department of Data Science. Astha and Homitha secured the second prize, while Simran and Lakshmi claimed the third prize. Cash prizes of 400, 200, and 100 were awarded accordingly. Additionally, Astha and Homitha were honored with the SDG Excellence Award for their presentation on environment-friendly ideas for the campus. This event not only fostered sustainable thinking but also recognized and rewarded exemplary efforts towards positive change.

Outcome of the event

1.  Increased Understanding of SDGs:Students deepened their knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gaining insights into the interconnected global challenges they address and the critical role they play in fostering sustainability.

2.  Enhanced Awareness of Global Challenges and Solutions:Participants developed a better understanding of the pressing global challenges related to sustainability, as well as innovative solutions being implemented worldwide to address them. This exposure broadened their perspectives and equipped them with valuable insights for future endeavors.

3.  Implementation of Eco-Friendly Ideas:Winning teams translated their understanding and insights into actionable eco-friendly ideas tailored for our university and Lavasa. These proposals aimed to mitigate environmental impact, promote sustainability, and contribute positively to the local community.

Continued Engagement in Positive Change:Opportunities were provided for winners to remain actively involved in ongoing sustainability initiatives, ensuring that their ideas and efforts continue to make a lasting impact beyond the event. This commitment to sustained engagement fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collective responsibility towards a more sustainable future.

SustainSphere concluded on a high note, with participants and organizers alike reflecting on the significance of their efforts in promoting sustainability. The event not only provided a platform for creative thinking and collaboration but also inspired a sense of responsibility towards building a more sustainable future. As the winners celebrated their achievements, they looked forward to continuing their journey towards making a positive impact on society and the environment.


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