On 8 th Jan 2024, counselors organized three activities aimed at raising awareness for Mental wellness of the individuals. They showed how important it is to promote mental health awareness and provide creative ways for people to express themselves and take care of their well-being.

Mental Wellness Month, a significant event aimed at promoting mental health awareness and well- being, recently concluded with a successful array of activities and initiatives. Hosted primarily on Instagram, this series, spanning from January 8th to the 19th, 2024, was a remarkable endeavor to educate and engage the audience on various aspects of mental health. Complemented by a 'Feel Good Playlist' and an immersive Mandala Art Session, Mental Wellness Month left a lasting impact on participants, fostering a sense of community and mindfulness.

Mental Health Series on Instagram

The Mental Health Series on Instagram served as the cornerstone of Mental Wellness Month. Running for nearly two weeks, it featured experienced counselors who shared their insights, tasks, and challenges related to mental health. Each day, these professionals addressed different facets of mental wellness, offering valuable information and practical advice to the audience. The goal was to create awareness, break down stigma, and enhance understanding about mental well-being. Throughout the series, viewers were exposed to a wide range of topics, including stress management, anxiety coping strategies, the importance of self-care, and seeking professional help when needed.

Feel Good Playlist

To complement the educational aspect of Mental Wellness Month, an innovative initiative  emerged between January 15th and 19th, 2024 – the 'Feel Good Playlist.' Students were encouraged to contribute songs to this collaborative playlist that resonated with their personal motivations and brought feelings of positivity. This project aimed to use the power of music to uplift spirits and foster a sense of unity among participants. The resulting playlist became a unique collection of songs that reflected the collective spirit of well-being. Accessible through a QR code released on January 20th, it allowed anyone to enjoy the curated selection of uplifting tracks. Music has long been recognized as a potent tool for improving mood and reducing stress, making the 'Feel Good Playlist' an integral part of Mental Wellness Month's activities.

Mandala Art Session

The highlight of Mental Wellness Month was the Mandala Art Session, held on January 23rd, 2024. This event took place outdoors, providing a serene and picturesque setting near the Central Block, adjacent to Trinity. Starting at 10:30 am and continuing throughout the day, it attracted a diverse audience, including students, faculty members, and staff, all coming together to participate.

The Mandala Art Session aimed to harness the therapeutic power of art to promote mindfulness and well-being. Tables equipped with coloring materials were set up, inviting participants to engage in the creation of intricate mandalas. What made these mandalas particularly special was that they featured mental health-related quotes, adding a meaningful layer to the creative process. Participants found solace and a sense of connection as they immersed themselves in the world of mandala art. Creating these intricate designs became a form of meditation, allowing individuals to focus their minds and alleviate stress. The incorporation of mental health quotes into the artwork reinforced the message of the importance of mental well-being.

In conclusion, Mental Wellness Month in 2024 was a resounding success, combining education, music, and art to promote mental health awareness and well-being. The Instagram Mental Health Series, Feel Good Playlist, and Mandala Art Session all played a vital role in achieving the primary goal of creating awareness and enhancing understanding among the audience about mental well- being. As the month concluded on January 24th, it left a lasting impact, reminding us all of the significance of mental health in our lives.


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