The Inaugural Ceremony of Xllenz’24, an Intracollege Business and Management Fest, commenced with an atmosphere of reverence and excitement. The event began with all attendees being requested to be seated as Renisha, the host, initiated the proceedings. Renisha opened with a prayer, acknowledging the blessings of the Almighty to set a positive tone for the day. She emphasized the role of competition in fostering innovation and productivity as essential elements for success. Co-host Austin joined her in welcoming the dignitaries and attendees, expressing joy and privilege in hosting the ceremony. Invocation Dance: The ceremony featured a soulful invocation dance by Miss Shiva Nandita, symbolizing a genuine devotion seeking divine blessings. The performance aimed to unify spirits in a sacred silence that speaks louder than words. Lamp Lighting Ceremony: Renisha invited Dean & Director Father Dr. Lijo Thomas, Father Justin P Varghese, Dr. Resham Lohani, Prof Anjali Gohel, Prof Abhinav Nair, and the student coordinators Mark Handa and Hypatia Gomes to light the lamp. This ceremonial act signified the auspicious inauguration of Xllenz’24. Welcome Address: Prof. Tanya Sharma delivered a warm welcome address, acknowledging the excellence and innovation that Xllenz’24 aimed to celebrate. She set the tone for the event, expressing gratitude for the presence of distinguished guests and attendees. 

Acknowledgment of Dean & Director Fr. Dr. Lijo Thomas: 
Renisha acknowledged the presence of Fr. Dr. Lijo Thomas, highlighting his distinguished career in academia, inclusive education, and community engagement. Fr. Dr. Lijo Thomas was then invited to deliver the inaugural address and officially declare the event open.

Introduction of Dignitaries from Christ College, Pune: Austin introduced Anjali B Gohel and Abhinav R Nair, providing insights into their academic and professional backgrounds. Anjali B Gohel's experience in risk compliance at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Abhinav R Nair's academic journey were highlighted. Speech by Prof. Anjali Gohel and Prof. Abhinav Nair: Prof. Anjali Gohel and Prof. Abhinav Nair took the stage to address the gathering. Anjali shared her expertise in corporate risk compliance and commitment to research in fashion sustainability. Abhinav's background in computer science and dedication to management education were emphasized.
Event Progression: Renisha informed the audience about the shift to the Management Block for the continuation of events, signaling the transition to the subsequent activities of Xllenz’24.The Inaugural Ceremony successfully set the stage for Xllenz’24, celebrating the spirit of innovation, academic excellence, and community engagement.The grand culmination of Xellenz'24 unfolded in a spectacular Valedictory Function filled with gratitude, recognition, and celebration. Renisha and Austin, the charismatic hosts, welcomed the esteemed Director & Dean Father Dr. Lijo Thomas, Academic Coordinator Father Justin P Varghese, faculty, participants, and honored guests to mark the end of two days brimming with enthusiasm and competition. Renisha opened the ceremony expressing her pleasure as the host, acknowledging the incredible journey that unfolded. Austin joined in, setting the tone for the event by inviting everyone to relive the memories through a captivating video showcasing the highlights of the past two days.

Following the video, Renisha extended heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who worked diligently behind the scenes. Dr. Anil D’souza was invited on stage to honor the Student Coordinators of Xellenz'24, Supply Chain Management Coordinators, and Marketing Coordinators. Austin then invited Dr. Resham Lohani to the stage to facilitate winners in various categories, including Best Manager, Best Management Team, Human Resources, Auction, Finance, Business Analytics, and the Media Team. The list of winners was announced with each participant receiving due recognition for their outstanding contributions.

Renisha and Austin, along with the respective faculty members, congratulated the winners on stage, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging their dedication to the events. The hosts emphasized that the success of Xellenz'24 was a collective effort and appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the attendees and the unwavering support of the esteemed faculty. Dr. Resham Lohani was then invited to deliver the Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all involved in making the event a success. As part of the felicitation, Prof. Anjali Gohel and Prof. Abhinav Nair were invited on stage to join the dignitaries and the organizing team.

In a fitting conclusion, everyone rose for the Christ Anthem, creating a harmonious ending to the event. The hosts extended invitations for a group picture, first with the dignitaries, followed by student coordinators and victorious participants.Renisha and Austin, with gratitude and enthusiasm, officially signed off, thanking everyone for their spirit, sportsmanship, and contributions to making Xellenz'24 a memorable and successful event.As the curtains closed on Xellenz'24, the memories and camaraderie formed during the event will be cherished, with hopes for more extraordinary events in the future.


1. Fostering Academic Excellence and Collaboration:
Xellenz'24 provided a platform for students to showcase their academic prowess and practical skills in various business and management domains. The event facilitated a collaborative environment, encouraging participants to engage in healthy competition, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Through the diverse array of competitions, workshops, and interactions, participants were able to enhance their academic understanding while fostering a sense of collaboration among peers.

2. Recognition and Celebration of Talent:
The Valedictory Function of Xellenz'24 served as a moment of recognition and celebration for the outstanding talent and achievements showcased during the two-day event. Winners in different categories, including Best Manager, Finance, Business Analytics, and more, were acknowledged for their exceptional contributions. This not only motivated the participants but also highlighted the significance of recognizing and appreciating talent within the academic community. The event's success was a testament to the diverse skills and capabilities present among the students, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for future endeavors.


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