Women Empowerment Cell Inauguration


Women Empowerment Cell

The inauguration of the Women Empowerment Cell on May 3, 2024, stands as a pivotal moment in the annals of the university's history, embodying its steadfast commitment to gender equality and empowerment within its community. In the presence of honoured visitors, Father Lijo Thomas, committed faculty coordinators, and passionate student leaders, the programme began with a moving tradition: the lighting of a symbolic lamp. This traditional ceremonial gesture not only signalled the start of the proceedings but also provided direction towards a future characterised by equity and inclusivity.

Father Lijo Thomas, gave a moving speech that struck a deep chord with the crowd. He made a strong case for the critical role that student empowerment plays in forming the identity of the campus community with clarity and conviction. Father Lijo Thomas portrayed empowerment as a basic idea necessary for both individual development and societal advancement, stressing the necessity for constant support and inclusion for all students, regardless of gender. Father Lijo Thomas finished his speech, and then the faculty coordinator, Dr. Gunavathi, took the platform to explain the goals and initiatives of the recently formed Women Empowerment Cell. She described the cell's dedication to promoting significant advancements in women's rights and opportunities in great detail.   Dr. Gunavathi stressed that the goal of the cell was to create an atmosphere that supported each student's self-actualization, regardless of gender, and that the objective went beyond simple rhetoric. 

The event's emotional conclusion was the passionate address given by acclaimed guest
Mini Nair. Nair passionately and firmly stated that women's empowerment has the capacity to change society and the person. She emphasised the critical need for gender-sensitive laws, fair access to jobs and education, and the development of women's leadership potential by drawing on her personal experiences.

As Mrs Mini Nair's speech concluded, the occasion represented not just the creation of the Women Empowerment Cell but also the university's collective reaffirmation of its unflinching commitment to advancing empowerment and gender equality. Students from a variety of academic backgrounds demonstrated a shared vision for a future in which every voice is heard and every ambition is realised, as seen by their contagious energy and involvement. The establishment of the Women Empowerment Cell signalled the start of a new chapter in the university's history, one that will be defined by equity, inclusivity, and a resolute commitment to helping all people, regardless of gender, realise their full potential. It was a sobering reminder that real development is determined by the degree to which every member of the community is encouraged to flourish and make a significant contribution to society, rather than just by academic achievements.

The Women Empowerment Cell's inauguration was more than simply a formal occasion; it signalled the start of the college's systematic endeavour to advance women's empowerment throughout the board. The cell's aims and projects, outlined with precision and resolve, provide a path for this voyage. The college is dedicated to making sure that every woman has the chance to flourish and reach her potential, and this is demonstrated by everything from creating an inclusive campus atmosphere to putting gender-sensitive policies into place and offering strong support networks. This is not just a goal; it is a concrete commitment to action, with the entire university community working together to achieve significant change and build a more just future for everybody.

  1. Outcome 1- The event marked the auspicious beginning of the women empowerment cell in the university marking the contribution of students and faculties to the active working of the cell. 

  2. Outcome 2- The women empowerment cell works to attain various objectives for the improvement of women throughout the campus. 


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