MacGuffin International Film Festival


The event spanned two eventful days filled with a rich array of activities, discussions, and captivating screenings. Day 1 commenced with a ceremonious inauguration followed by addresses from notable figures, including a poignant speech from a Father, insights from the Director, and engaging talk sessions featuring Mr. Kuldeep, Prof. Padmakumara, and Ms. Nimisha Nair. The day unfolded with a diverse set of screenings, presenting "Life is Beautiful," "Sarpatta Parambarai," and "Athena," each offering distinct narratives and visual storytelling.

Day 2 opened with a commencement address by the director, setting the tone for another day of cinematic exploration and intellectual discourse. The day included sessions led by Prof. Arya Ayyappan, Mr. Sankalp, and another session with Kuldeep, each likely delving into various aspects of the film industry, academia, or artistic expression. The screenings continued with "Mucize," "Children of Heaven," and "Ford v/s Ferrari," offering a wide spectrum of cinematic experiences.

The event culminated with a grand valedictory ceremony, likely celebrating the successful culmination of the festival. Throughout both days, attendees experienced a diverse tapestry of films, thought-provoking discussions, and insightful sessions, showcasing the power of storytelling and the depth of cinematic artistry. The event provided a platform for learning, cultural exchange, and the celebration of film, leaving attendees enriched and inspired by the myriad of stories and conversations.

The contest was a vibrant showcase of diverse talents in the world of visual storytelling, featuring three engaging competitions. The Actuality Reel Competition, emphasizing the portrayal of real-life moments through film, was complemented by the Sequence Photography Competition, which celebrated the art of capturing stories through a series of images. The third competition, a Short Film Competition, exclusively open to students from Christ University, brought forth a concentrated pool of local talent.

Spanning across multiple colleges in India, the Actuality Reel and Sequence Photography Competitions were open to students from various institutions. On the other hand, the Short Film Competition was an exclusive opportunity for Christ University students to exhibit their cinematic prowess.

After meticulous evaluation, the standout entries were revealed and celebrated on the second day of the MacGuffin International Film Festival, during the valedictory ceremony. This unveiling of winners added an exciting climax to the festival, recognizing and honoring the exceptional storytelling skills and creative ingenuity of the participants. The event not only provided a platform for emerging talent but also contributed to the overall enrichment of the festival, making it a captivating celebration of visual storytelling.

  • Cinematic Diversity: The event showcased a diverse range of films, spanning different genres and cultures, providing attendees with a rich cinematic experience.
  • Intellectual Discourse: Engaging talk sessions and discussions led by industry professionals and academics enriched the event, offering insights into various aspects of filmmaking and storytelling.
  • Cultural Exploration: The screenings of films from various cultures allowed for a deeper understanding and appreciation of different storytelling traditions and cinematic styles.
  • Networking and Learning: Attendees had the opportunity to network with industry experts, filmmakers, and academics, fostering collaborations and learning opportunities.
  • Inspiration and Insight: The event likely inspired budding filmmakers, offering them a platform to learn, discuss, and gain insights into the world of cinema, potentially sparking new ideas and creativity.
  • Ceremonial Closure: The valedictory ceremony served as a culmination, celebrating the success of the event, acknowledging participants, and recognizing outstanding contributions.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The sessions conducted by experts and professionals allowed for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences, benefiting both seasoned professionals and aspiring talent.
  • Community Building: The event likely fostered a sense of community among film enthusiasts, creating a space for shared passion, collaboration, and future connections within the industry.
  • The contests culminated in an array of remarkable outcomes. Winners across the three competitions emerged, each showcasing exceptional creativity and storytelling prowess. Their talents were celebrated and recognized during the valedictory ceremony of the MacGuffin International Film Festival.
  • The talent and creativity of the students shone brightly across diverse categories. Orpheus production by BGR claimed the top spot in the Short Film category, captivating audiences with their compelling storytelling. Following closely behind was 'Brads of bonfire' from Central Campus, securing the second position, while 'Vinculo,' also from the Central campus, showcased remarkable skill to clinch the third prize.
  • In the Actuality Reels section, Ephraim Zacharia from Lavasa Campus seized the first prize, delivering a standout portrayal of real-life narratives. Akhil Faisal from the Central campus claimed the second position with a compelling entry, closely followed by Gauri Prasad from Lavasa Campus, securing the third spot with a poignant depiction of reality.
  • The artistry and vision in Sequence Photography didn't go unnoticed. Rashmeet Kaur from the Central campus exhibited exceptional skills, earning the first prize. Nikhil B Mohan from Lavasa Campus captured the second position with a stunning series of photographs, while Richu Reji, also from Lavasa Campus, secured the third prize with a distinctive visual narrative.
  • The Actuality Reel Competition highlighted real-life moments, offering a unique perspective on storytelling through film. The Sequence Photography Competition captured stories through a series of images, showcasing the art of visual narration. Meanwhile, the exclusive Short Film Competition for Christ University students provided a platform for local talent to shine.
  • We not only celebrated the winners but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration among budding filmmakers and photographers from various colleges. It further strengthened the festival's role as a hub for emerging talent, fostering connections and inspiring future storytellers.
  • Additionally, the winning short films from the Short Film category will take center stage in the upcoming movie screenings organized by the club. These outstanding creations will be showcased, offering a wider audience the chance to appreciate the exceptional storytelling and creativity demonstrated by the winning teams.
  • Beyond the recognition of winners, the event's success could be measured in the exchange of ideas, the exploration of diverse narratives, and the encouragement of creative expression. It likely sparked discussions, collaborations, and inspirations, leaving a lasting impact on participants and the film festival itself.


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