The 2nd Economics Conclave on "Contours of Economic Recovery in Post-Covid World" was organized by the Economics Club, Department of Data Science, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus on 9th April 2022, from 11:00 AM to 01:10 PM. The panellists for this discussion were Prof N R Bhanumurthy (Vice-Chancellor, Bengaluru Dr B R Ambedkar School of Economics University, Bangalore), Prof Charan Singh (CEO and Director, EGROW Foundation, Former RBI Chair Professor of Economics at IIM Bangalore, Senior Economist at the IMF, Washington DC) and Prof Naresh Bodkhe (Director (Economics), Competition Commission of India, New Delhi).

The event began with the MC Mohit Sharma introducing CHRIST Lavasa through a video and Heli Dalal. Sowbarnickha introduced speakers for the day and welcomed them to the forum. Following the introduction, Dr Fr Jossy P George and HOD Prof Samiksha Shukla addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of the second edition of the Economic Conclave.

To start the discussion, Prof Bhanumurthy began his talk by emphasizing the importance of the lack of stimulus provided to people worldwide. The context of the statement was that the country was doing relatively better than several other countries worldwide. A stimulus package was provided, leading to a decrease in the economy's recovery and the reestablishment of the system of economic dependence. The inflation situation of the country was followed by an emphasis on the importance of fiscal enhancement policies.

Prof Charan Singh continued the discussion where he described his version of the importance of the current developmental policies as we have already lost up to three years of development in the span of the covid era. He emphasized the importance of the compliance with sanctions put on the economic power that happens to dominate the oil prices in the world.

Prof Naresh Bodkhe came in for his talk with a description of the net export ratio that India is in at the moment which gave the audience a clear idea of the situation that deserves to be addressed. The concern raised by the speaker was that even after the perpetual ban on Chinese products last year, the effect has not been watershed yet.

Before the event's conclusion, the winners of the events organized on 8th April 2022 were announced. The UG event was announced by Prof Naresh Bodkhe, with Prof Charan Singh announcing the results of the PG even. Dr Shahid Bashir gave the vote of thanks, bringing the economic conclave to an end.


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