Quality Improvement programme 2023

The Quality Improvement Programme was conducted from 7th -13th January, 2023. The QIP program began with Dr Praveen Vaidya giving a workshop on the best utilization of the library resources. A brief introduction to the proper use of research platforms available on Knimbus was given. Professor Dr. Shampa I Dev covered aspects of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) and alignment of curriculum to RBT levels. She discussed the cognitive and affective domain-emotional aspects of RBT. Keywords regarding the alignment of Assessment to RBT levels were also discussed.  This session was followed by an informative workshop conducted by Mr. Naived George Eapen & Ms. Amrutha Rose Valavi, where the participants of the QIP were oriented to the course plan. All the components of the course plan were discussed in detail and suggestions regarding certain modifications to the course plan specifically for law courses were recorded. 

Ms. Ujwala discussed the importance of adopting adequate teaching techniques. The need of aligning teaching techniques to pedagogy and assessment was discussed and various techniques such as teacher-controlled teaching and interactive procedure teaching were discussed. Discussion on the differences between case method and case study method were discussed. Other methods such as the deductive, inductive, socratic and flipped classroom method were also introduced by Ms. Ujwala. Dr Salu Dsouza discussed some of the practices that can be adopted for effective classroom management. He emphasized on discipline, empathy, empowerment, forgiveness and flexibility as some of the factors for effective classroom management. On the next day Dr Somu CS discussed the adequate techniques in relation to benchmarking of assessment rubrics and methods of assessment. He emphasized on that knowledge, general competencies and  skills acquired are some of the important factors for designing and assessing assessments. He discussed the challenges such as the large number of evaluations that faculties need to make in relation to the smooth implementation of CIA’s. He emphasized on the need of proper planning and preparation before the starting of any new course. This presentation was followed by the course plan presentation of all faculties who presented their courses as per the schedule of the QIP. 

The Quality Improvement Programme conducted in the month of January was true to its purpose in improving the quality with regard to the preparation of the Course Plan. It was significant in developing a relatively better understanding of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and its application in the assessment process. Sessions taken by Experienced Faculty members like Dr Somu CS, Ms Ujjawala, Dr Shampa Dev and Dr Salu Dsouza were extremely insightful in enlightening us with new pedagogical methods, effective classroom management,framing the question papers. 


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