While the shared adventure of learning is the quintessence of our campus, so is the busy schedule of every student. At the Lavasa campus, there is always something to do, a creative project to participate in, classwork to complete, or a play to watch. In the midst of the hustle-bustle, there’s a need for a quiet place to pause, reflect, and introspect, and what better place to do so than the library?

Step into the wooden doorway of the library hidden away on the first floor of the Central Block. Aisles of books stretch across both ends and a peaceful stillness fills the space. Sometimes you can hear your own thoughts. Whether or not you enter this place with a pre-decided collection of books to borrow, there are plenty of surprising titles if you have a good eye. Rummage through the stack of books meticulously arranged in specific racks under multiple categories from history, psychology, art, literature, politics, and journals to the precisely cherry-picked collection of books with unique suggestions from the librarian to extend your horizon of academic knowledge.

Crossing the philosophy section, you would definitely pause to glimpse at the works of the literature guru, Swami Vivekananda, and think of his wisdom of how infinite the books are against life itself. Books including the moral and political thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, spanning colonialism, caste, class, and power, and regional Indian philosophy find their place on the shelves. ‘The Definitive Vivekananda’ is also carefully displayed, a book that galvanizes people to realize the importance of ancient religion and civilization that shaped the world today. Soak into these rich philosophical and historical collections and discover unknown beginnings.

As your footsteps stop by the next rack, you will be at a tangent with the great political critics of all time and their take on the world's social-cultural history and politics will intrigue you. The collection hasn’t spared critics on contemporary tensions, be it ‘The Paradoxical Prime Minister: Narendra Modi And His India’ by Shashi Tharoor, where he weaves a compelling portrait and dives into the modus operandi of our leaders, or 'Journey After Midnight: India, Canada and the Road Beyond,' the beautifully written and evocative book by Canada's distinguished politician, Ujjal Dosanjh.

If you’re unaware of what to read, simply enter the next arena of exhaustive sources of books for different programs. Be it the law journals, finance management books, human resource studies, or various technical data analysis guides, there is something for every learner. The passion for offering excellence in service has always kept the campus abreast and ahead of the dynamic world.

At the library, you will also come across a golden array of biographies such as the 'Roses in December' by M C Chagla or the 'Whispers of War' by Khalili with heartfelt narratives that will take you through a series of emotions, elation, fears, and war.

In essence, the CHRIST Lavasa library is a place for persevering leaders and curious minds, for people who believe that nothing can transpose a person, empower them, and let their imagination run free more than thought-provoking writing. Seek hidden stories in this library and discover new ideas and thoughts that may change the course of the world.



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