The School of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy students organized a fest named BusinoCarnival from 12th to 14th May 2022 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The Carnival was a part of the students' CIA assignment for the subject of Financial Management. It is intended to allow students to showcase their ability to organize and conduct a business event and manage the financial aspect of it effectively. The event followed a 3-day theme (1st day - Smart Casuals, 2nd - Halloween and 3rd – Bollywood Characters).

1st Day (12th May 2022) 

The 1st day commenced with an opening ceremony and an address by our beloved Dean and Director, Dr Fr Jossy P George. His words enlightened the fest participants and gave them the energy to kick off the fest. The 1st day went on well as everyone was ready to show the visitors what they have got in their box. There was a wide variety of foods, games, and accessories ranging from unlimited mouthwatering gol gappas, cup-o-maniac game, thrust tees and jeans, etc. the 1st day ended with each team having a 5 mins briefing of the Day's sales.

2nd Day (13th May 2022)

The Second Day was even more interesting since the rivalries brought in new changes to their menu, games and strategy and stiffened the competition. To attract more people, the weight lifting challenge that was to be held in the MBA block was requested to be held on the central block lawn. So one side, athletes were lifting weight, and the music was blaring from the speakers to motivate them; on the other side, we were selling refreshing drinks such as lemon soda, moong dal salad, and oreo shakes to refresh them after a heavy lift. The same 5 mins briefing was completed and marked the end of the 2nd day of the fest on a good note.

3rd Day (14th May 2022)

The Third Day started a bit early at 4:30 PM since it was a weekend, and more people were expected to visit the stalls. Many stalls changed their strategy regular to stay up in the competition (I heard from one stall 'that it was going to sell only waffles on the 3rd day', but they were selling chicken on the 1st two days of the fest, on coming to know the reasons it was said that 'the cost of chicken is too high and we do not know how many people will turn up on the last day of the fest by this they were handling and mitigating risk properly') as every business faces it regularly. All invited faculties and staff turned up and encouraged all the participants and motivated them. All ship once sailed has to reach the harbour, the same way all good events have to come to an end. In that way, we came to the fest's last day, and Dr Fr Jossy P George gave the closing ceremony address. "He said that there is one good news and one bad news and asked the audience to say which one they wanted to hear; the audience shouted for the bad one (the bad one is that he has lost 1500 Rs in the three days of the fest, everyone laughed) and the good one is that he was very happy and praised the entire Bcom department and Manjari mam". Then the mic was handed over to Manjari ma'am for a few words. She said that this fest went well for the three days and asked all the 2nd year Bcom to assemble backside of her and asked the committee heads to step forward and stand with her and thanked everyone. Then a fashion show was put up, asking all the fest participants to show up a ramp walk of their Bollywood character, and the dispersal procedure started. All other fest participants were having a friendly chat with mam on the green lawns under the bright moonlight regarding how the fest went and the challenges they faced in this fest and seeking solutions from her on how to overcome them.   

This is our first CIA interacting with the real world, testing our wits and strategies, earning profits, and selling foods and games in a lonely haunted ghost town (Lavasa) below the Sahyadri ranges that are famous in every nook and corner of India. We learned the importance of timing, preparedness, and critical thinking attitude from the fest, and the entire Bcom department would like to thank Fr Jossy P George and Dr Manjari Sharma for their immense efforts and contributions. Special thanks to Dr Sharad Gupta for continuous support. A three fun and frolic filled day has come to an end.


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