The School of Business and Management conducted the Clan Leader Electionnaire for 2022-2023. The elections were held on the 06th May 2022 from 02:30 PM to 04:30 PM at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus. The main objective of the election was the formation of the Clan Leaders who would manage the affairs of their Clans - Spartans, Samurais, Vikings and Knights.

The judges for the election were Prof Ani Samuel, Dr Mahesh, and Prof Monica. There were 16 candidates in total, two males and two females from each clan, who had to fight for their respective clan leadership. The event started with a Welcome Note by Mr Ajinkya, who invited the HoD Dr Becky Thomas, to address the clan members. Her address was followed by the three rounds: Face-Off, AD-LIB Extempore, and Ballot Box Voting.

The first round began with the face-off between the candidates from Vikings, followed by Knights, Samurais and Spartans, where the candidates had to speak about why they should be selected. The second round was Extempore, where each candidate had to talk about a particular topic for a minute. The last round was Ballot box voting. The members of each clan wrote the name of one male candidate and one female candidate on the ballot papers, folded the chits, and put it into the ballot box.

Dr Richa, Prof Danish, and Prof Stanny took responsibility for counting ballots. The result was announced after 15 minutes (during which the students had a fabulous dance performance). The elected clan leaders were: Naba Siddiqui and Vardaan Cecil from Spartans, Ronit Kumar and Lalitha Choudhary from Knights, Pretty Jain and Gokul Prasad from Samurais and Joyce Varghese and Rehan Patel from Vikings. The event ended with Mr Ajinkya giving a Vote of Thanks.

At the end of this event, the responsibility of CIMA (2022-23) was handed over to the newly elected clan leaders.


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