The School of Business and Management, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune, Lavasa Campus, held its valedictory ceremony of CIMA 22-23 on 13th February 2023, from 4:50 pm to 6 pm, in the central block auditorium. The Head of the Department, MBA, Prof. Jobin Jacob, and all other faculty members from the MBA department were present at the ceremony. Mr Faizan Ansari and Ms Rashmi were the emcees for the event. 
CIMA, the clan-based event, is a highly competitive and popular event that occurs throughout the year. It is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and compete in various activities such as sports, debate, and leadership challenges. By participating in CIMA, students can develop crucial life skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, respect, discipline, teamwork, and more. The competition comprises four clans: Knights, Vikings, Spartans, and Samurai. Each clan has a unique identity and values, and students are encouraged to embrace these values and work together as a team to achieve their goals. The events in CIMA are designed to test different skill sets, allowing students to discover their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them. This helps them in the competition and prepares them for real-world situations where they may need to work in a team, communicate effectively, or demonstrate leadership skills. These competitions offer a range of challenges that test different skills, from physical strength and endurance to critical thinking and persuasive communication. By participating in these events, students can showcase their abilities and demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year. CIMA is more than just a competition; it is a platform for personal growth and development, and a chance for students to make lasting memories and friendships.

 The ceremony started with the dance performance of Shivahari and Riya from Vikings, which was a splendid and eye-catching performance. The dance performance by Faizan and Akriti of the Spartans clan followed it. The performance was also exceptional. The third performance was a song sung by Della, Pritty, Janet, Sheenu, Jishnu, Harikrishnan, and Abru Shaji, followed by an electrifying dance performance by Pritty and Gokul from Samurai. The last performance was by Knights, where Bhawana MS, Rispa, Richa, Surya Kumar, and Siddharth danced and showcased their talent.

 After the performances, the Head of the Department, MBA, Prof. Jobin Jacob, was called to address the gathering. He appreciated the students' efforts who participated and organised the event, emphasising that such competitions help students develop and sharpen various essential skills.

The ceremony proceeded with announcing the winners of the various sports events. The results were as follows: Knights won the Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Chess, Badminton (Male), Running (50m – Male), and Short put (Male) events. The Spartans won the Handball event, and the Samurais won the Badminton (female), Running (50m – Female), and Short put (Women) events.


Dr Richa Srishti announced the winner and runner-up, and Prof. Jobin Jacob handed over the trophies to the respective clans. The winner of the competition was the Knights clan, and the Samurais clan was declared the runner-up. The Knights displayed an outstanding performance throughout the matches, winning most sports events. The Samurais fought well and proved their mettle, coming out as the second-best clan.

The valedictory ceremony of CIMA 22-23 was a resounding success. The participating students exhibited exceptional talent, skills, and sportsmanship, highlighting the event's significance as an excellent platform for personal and professional growth. The faculty members' participation further enhanced the event's importance and rendered it even more special. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the winners and participants. Special recognition is due to the organisers and emcees for their dedicated efforts in making the event an unforgettable experience.


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